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SEIDLER SAILS: Veteran highlights action-packed night at Jamestown Speedway

Marlyn Seidler (7), of Underwood, N.D., and Shawn Nostdahl (58), of Bottineau, N.D., barrel through the first set of turns during an IMCA A-mod heat race Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun1 / 6
Todd Duchscherer's No. 68 WISSOTA B-mod briefly caught fire during heat race action Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. The New Rockford, N.D., driver was not injured. Michael Savaloja / The Sun2 / 6
Carrington's Kelly Hagel (271) and Lisbon's Nate Reinke (71) battle for position during a WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat race Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun3 / 6
Kelsi Pederson, of East Grand Forks, Minn., flies into Turn 1 during a lightning sprint heat race Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Pederson later won the 20-lap feature. Michael Savaloja / The Sun4 / 6
Dexter Dvergsten (right), of Greenbush, Minn., and Fargo's Tim Estenson battle during NLSA lighting sprint heat action Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun5 / 6
Jamestown's Andrea Edinger (100) won her first career feature race in the slingshots division Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun6 / 6

Marlyn Seidler wrapped up a mind-boggling eight consecutive nights of dirt-track racing with a feature victory Saturday at Jamestown Speedway.

A real-life Iron Man, the 65-year-old from Underwood, N.D., hit all six nights of the IMCA Dakota Classic Modified Tour, plus Friday's $10,003-to-win Legendary 50 in Mandan, before driving from eighth to first where his journey began last Saturday. The Dakota Classic kicked off July 7 in Jamestown.

"That tour is brutal, to say the least," Seidler said with a smile in victory lane. "We made every feature, which is a big deal we think. We got some time in, and I think we might have learned a couple of things here and one of them paid off tonight."

Seidler finished the tour, where some of the best in all of IMCA come to play, tied for 13th in the overall standings with Jamestown's John Corell Sr. The racing veteran of 44 years won a pair of heat races and placed a tour-high seventh in the feature race at Jamestown.

Carrington's Rusty Kollman shot into the lead of Saturday's 25-lap IMCA A-mod feature from the outside of the second row on the first lap, and successfully held off Lisbon's Jarrett Carter, who started sixth, for 14 laps. But Kollman couldn't hold off Seidler.

Kollman's line allowed Seidler room to squeeze past on the high side and into the lead following a restart with 11 laps remaining. Seidler led each remaining circuit, with Marion's Lucas Rodin in tow from 10th to second. Kollman slipped to finish third, while Carter crossed fifth behind Valley City's Greg Friestad.

"This thing was awesome," Seidler said of his GRT chassis. "The top was good before that middle really got locked up and I had been up there and passed quite a bit of cars.

"I knew it was good and I knew I could roll (Kollman) there if he never went up there. We kinda caught him with his pants down."

-- Kelsi Pederson increased her lead in the Northern Lightning Sprint Association season championship standings with her second feature victory of 2018.

The 16-year-old from Glyndon, Minn., is the first to win a mini-sprint event at Jamestown Speedway, as she led all 20 laps from the outside of the front row. Pederson held off Alan Truscinski, who set the fastest lap of the race in 14.422 seconds, and 12 other competitors in the NLSA's first visit to the track.

The NLSA lightning sprints utilize a 1000cc motorcycle engine and 91 octane pump gas.

"I really didn't know what to expect," Pederson said. "The track was a little tackier in the heat, so just going out there and (knowing) your throttle control would be a big factor. I just did my best at that and it worked out.

"I'd really like to come back."

-- Carrington's Kelly Hagel and Jamestown's Tony Smith both went from wrecks to winning in roughly the span of a week.

Hagel wrecked out of the July 4 WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature here, only to lead 19 of 20 caution-free laps Saturday en route to victory. Hagel started third and went high to pass polesitter Jeff Carpenter on Lap 2, before holding off Lucas Rodin by 1.487 seconds at the finish line.

Hagel's Millienum chassis went back to the builders in East Grand Forks, Minn., to get reworked after the Fourth of July DNF.

"I gotta thank them for doing all the work," said Hagel. "It was nice and easy to drive. Once I got the lead I didn't know where anybody was or how close they were. I had a good line and it seemed like it was working fine."

Smith posted his first career feature win in the bombers, leading 13 of 15 laps after taking over the race's top spot from Jamestown's Gregory Moore on Lap 3. Leann Christensen and Billy Carow both changed flat tires and were two of seven cars still running at the end of the 12-car feature.

"It feels good. It's been a long struggle here for awhile," said Smith, whose lap of 17.318 seconds was tops. "I was scared how the car was going to handle again, but it came right back."

Jamestown's Andrea Edinger also won her first career feature race in the slingshots.

-- Adrian's Royce Jawaski used the bottom of the track to pass Lisbon's Jonny Carter and win the 20-lap WISSOTA Street Stock feature.

Carter led the opening 11 laps, but Jawaski, who started fourth, was able to slide under Carter on the bottom to capture the race lead on Lap 12. Carter eventually spun off the exit of Turn 2 with three to go and would finish with a DNF in 11th.

Jerry Lamb finished second, Bob Banish Jr. drove from eighth to third and Rory Opp rebounded to fourth after spinning out earlier in the race. Lamb battled Jawaksi door-to-door down the stretch.

"I never really thought I had a shot at it," Jawaski said from victory lane. "We got hooked up on the bottom and it was fast there."

Jamestown Speedway

July 14 results

IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1. Marlyn Seidler; 2. Lucas Rodin; 3. Rusty Kollman; 4. Greg Friestad; 5. Jarrett Carter; 6. John Corell; 7. Crist Pittenger; 8. Andrew Michel; 9. Eric Edwards; 10. Billie Christ; 11. Josh Eberhardt; 12. Shawn Nostdahl; 13. Dwight Wegner; 14. Terry Sahr; 15. Randy Gordon; 16. John Nord; 17. Zach Dockter, DNF.

Heat 1: 1. Dockter; 2. Carter; 3. Edwards; 4. Seidler; 5. Gordon; 6. Nostdahl; 7. Corell; 8. Michel.

Heat 2: 1. Kollman; 2. Eberhardt; 3. Rodin; 4. Pittenger; 5. Christ; 6. Friestad; 7. Sahr; 8. Nord.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: 1. Royce Jawaski; 2. Jerry Lamb; 3. Robert Banish Jr.; 4. Rory Opp; 5. Dustin Erickson; 6. Jon Perkins; 7. Austin Geigle; 8. Brian Hanson Jr.; 9. Kasey Ussatis; 10. Christopher Ritter; 11. Jonny Carter, DNF; 12. Billie Christ, DNF; 13. Kyle Anderson, DNF; 14. Charlie Christ, DNF; 15. Tucker Pederson, DNF; 16. Jaden Christ, DNF. DNS: Shawn Becker.

Heat 1: 1. Jawaski; 2. Anderson; 3. Pederson; 4. Lamb; 5. Perkins; 6. Geigle; 7. Erickson; 8. J. Christ, DNF; 9. B. Christ, DNF.

Heat 2: 1. Carter; 2. Opp; 3. Banish; 4. C. Christ; 5. Ritter; 6. Ussatis; 7. Hanson; 8. Becker, DNF.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1. Kelly Hagel; 2. Lucas Rodin; 3. Travis Traut; 4. Aaron Michel; 5. Nate Reinke; 6. Jeff Carpenter; 7. Brennon Weight; 8. Jim Morlock; 9. Jay Sahr; 10. Arin Beyer; 11. Zach Reinke; 12. Jason Grimes; 13. Caleb Johnson, DNF; 14. Andrew Kapp, DNF. DNS: Todd Duchscherer, Jaren Wibstad, Laine Schwehr.

Heat 1: 1. Traut; 2. Rodin; 3. Michel; 4. Sahr; 5. Beyer; 6. Morlock; 7. Duchscherer, DNF; 8. Thoms, DNF; 9. Grimes, DNF.

Heat 2: 1. Weight; 2. N. Reinke; 3. Hagel; 4. Carpenter; 5. Kapp; 6. Johnson; 7. Z. Reinke, DNF; 8. Schwehr, DNF; 9. Wibstad, DNF.

NLSA Lightning Sprints

Feature: 1. Kelsi Pederson; 2. Alan Truscinski; 3. Zachary Kwiatkoski; 4. Alex Truscinski; 5. Mark Williams; 6. Tim Estenson; 7. Clifford Steyn; 8. Lawrence Veralrud; 9. Mike Schmiedeberg; 10. Steve Hildebrand; 11. Jason Berg; 12. Kyle Cole, DNF; 13. Dexter Dvergsten, DNF; 14. Brad Borowicz, DNF.

Heat 1: 1. A. Truscinski; 2. Kwiatkoski; 3. Dvergsten; 4. Williams; 5. Cole; 6. Borowicz; 7. Estenson.

Heat 2: 1. Pederson; 2. A. Truscinski; 3. Schmiedeberg; 4. Steyn; 5. Veralrud; 6. Hildebrand; 7. Bert.


Feature: 1. Tony Smith; 2. Clay Gentzkow; 3. Leann Christensen; 4. Hayden Aberle; 5. Gregory Moore; 6. Billy Carow; 7. Chris Welk Jr.; 8. Lane Stoppleworth, DNF; 9. Dylan Steele, DNF; 10. Erik Busche, DNF; 11. Travis Edinger, DNF. DNS: Brandon Michel.

Heat 1: 1. Gentzkow; 2. Carow; 3. Edinger; 4. Busche; 5. Christensen; 6. Welk.

Heat 2: 1. Smith; 2. Stoppleworth; 3. Moore; 4. Aberle; 5. Steele; 6. Michel, DNF.


Feature: 1. Andrea Edinger; 2. Jacoby Traut; 3. Joseph Lewis; 4. Gavin Edinger; 5. Noah Lewis; 6. Joseph Banish, DNF. DNS: Jaidyn Edinger.

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