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ROOKIE ROCKS: Moore captures first career feature victory

Greg Moore (14) and Travis Edinger (8), both of Jamestown, battle for position during a pure stock heat race Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun1 / 2
Travis Traut (84) and Andy Kapp (9k), of Jamestown, and LaMoure's Brennon Weight (28) race into Turn 3 during a WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat race Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun2 / 2

A dramatic ending led to a local rookie's first pure stock feature win Saturday at Jamestown Speedway.

Greg Moore was spun on the backstretch, was put into the wall on the exit of Turn 4, and the 14 year old from Jamestown was still able to outlast the likes of Clay Gentzkow and Billy Carow. All that happened in the final three laps as Moore eventually led wire to wire from the outside of the front row.

"After all the stuff that happened in the last few laps, it felt pretty good to be able to stay out in front," said Moore.

Moore was on cruise control until Gentzkow, winner of nine total features this summer, ran the rookie down from the sixth starting position with 12 of 15 laps in the books. Contact between the pair on the exit of Turn 2 resulted in Moore being sent around, as Gentzkow made a daring move to the inside and was ultimately sent tail-end.

Moore explained what it felt like leading the first dozen laps.

"Terrifying," Moore said. "I was watching the board and kept counting the laps down. I saw that Clay was behind me and I knew if he got to me it was going to be hard to stay with him."

Carow, the 2016 Jamestown and Fargo pure stock track champion, lined up behind the rookie in second to take the restart, but Carow would also be sent to the back for making contact with the leader and producing a caution. This looked to be a little more serious for Moore, as the paint trade in Turn 4 sent the rookie nose-first into the grandstand wall.

But Moore, sporting a brand new motor under the hood, would not be denied.

"I thought I was done," Moore said. "I was like, I'll just try to put it in reverse and see if it goes, and it kept going."

Moore sailed from there over a green-white-checkered finish, with Erik Busche capturing second and track points leader Leann Christensen taking third. The rookie's dramatic first feature win since moving up from go-kart racing was also his second Jamestown top-five of the season.

"Maybe a little too dramatic, because now we've got stuff to fix," Moore said. "But it was a lot fun and hopefully we get a few more."

Christensen increased her points lead over Gentzkow from eight to 15 with two nights of points racing remaining.

-- Jamestown's Travis Traut picked up his first feature win of 2018 in the WISSOTA midwest modifieds, using the bottom of the track to pass Carrington's Rusty Kollman for the top spot and lead the final six laps.

Kollman, driving a Scott Bintz Racing machine, led the first 14 circuits from the pole. The race produced five cautions flags, including a stoppage in action for a roll-over incident involving New Rockford's Todd Duchscherer. Duchscherer was not hurt.

"I saw Rusty up top there and he was really motoring," said Traut, who posted the race's quickest lap in 15.486 seconds, "but there was some traction down there and the car started looking real good."

Lisbon's Nate Reinke finished with a DNF in 17th but still holds a 46-point lead in the track standings. Kollman scooped up the Emma Rosie's Homecookin' consolation kuchen for his effort.

"Well, I was hungry and I needed some kuchen so I let him pass," Kollman quipped. "I gotta thank Scott for letting me run this. We're just trying some different things with it, trying to get it going."

Kollman, however, went on to win the 25-lap IMCA modified feature. Kollman led every lap from the outside pole and put 2.033 seconds between his No. 2 and Valley City's Greg Friestad by the finish.

John Nord took over the A-mod points lead and holds a four-point cushion over Eric Edwards.

"It feels good," Kollman said in victory lane. "I didn't want another kuchen cause I ate that one back there and I'm full."

-- Lisbon's Jonny Carter rolled to his 11th WISSOTA street stock feature win of 2018 and his second in a row at Jamestown Speedway. Carter won an early three-wide battle for the lead against Charlie Christ and Rory Opp and led the final 16 of 20 laps, beating Opp to the checkered flag by .907 seconds.

Milnor's Bob Banish Jr. holds a 27-point lead over Carter in the streets track standings.

"We really struggled during July here," Carter said. "We got a good car underneath us right now."

Bismarck's Donavin Wiest won Saturday's visiting 20-lap INEX legends feature.

Jamestown Speedway


Aug. 11

IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1. Rusty Kollman; 2. Greg Friestad; 3. John Nord; 4. Myles Tomlinson; 5. Lucas Rodin; 6. Trent Grager; 7. Jeremy Forester; 8. Josh Eberhardt; 9. Eric Edwards; 10. Billie Christ; 11. Crist Pittenger; 12. Andrew Michel; 13. Joey Rowell; 14. Darrell Parson; 15. Dwight Wegner; 16. Mike Tomlinson, DNF; 17. Marcus Tomlinson, DNF; 18. Marlyn Seidler, DNF; 19. Tyler Hall, DNF; 20. John Corell, DNF; 21. Jarrett Carter, DNF.

Heat 1: 1. Pittenger; 2. Forester; 3. Friestad; 4. Seidler; 5. Marcus Tomlinson; 6. Rowell; 7. Parsons.

Heat 2: 1. Kollman; 2. Nord; 3. Carter; 4. Christ; 5. Rodin; 6. Wegner; 7. Grager.

Heat 3: 1. Corell; 2. Eberhardt; 3. Edwards; 4. Myles Tomlinson; 5. Hall; 6. Michel; 7. Mike Tomlinson.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: 1. Jonny Carter; 2. Rory Opp; 3. Bob Banish Jr.; 4. Jerry Lamb; 5. Scott Gartner; 6. Charlie Christ; 7. Royce Jawaski; 8. Scott Witkowski; 9. Kyle Anderson; 10. Ashley Wampler; 11. Christopher Ritter; 12. Shawn Becker; 13. Jaden Christ; 14. Austin Geigle; 15. Kasey Ussatis, DNF; 16. Jay Schlotfeldt, DNF; 17. Brian Hanson Jr., DNF; 18. Dustin Erickson, DNF.

Heat 1: 1. Carter; 2. Lamb; 3. Banish; 4. C. Christ; 5. Erickson; 6. Ritter; 7. Schlotfeldt; 8. Geigle; 9. Anderson (DNF).

Heat 2: 1. Opp; 2. Gartner; 3. Jawaski; 4. Becker; 5. Witkowski; 6. Ussatis; 7. J. Christ; 8. Hanson; 9. Wampler.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1. Travis Traut; 2. Rusty Kollman; 3. Kelly Hagel; 4. Jeff Schwind Jr.; 5. Jeff Carpenter; 6. Jay Sahr; 7. Lucas Rodin; 8. Jim Morlock; 9. Aaron Michel; 10. Don Gumke; 11. Lindsey Hansen; 12. Tanner Theis; 13. Todd Duchscherer, DNF; 14. Caleb Johnson, DNF; 15. Laine Schwehr, DNF; 16. Brennon Weight, DNF; 17. Arin Beyer, DNF; 18. Jaren Wibstad, DNF; 19. Andy Kapp, DNF; 20. Nate Reinke, DNF; 21. Zach Reinke, DNS.

Heat 1: 1. Kollman; 2. Hagel; 3. Schwind; 4. Sahr; 5. Duchscherer; 6. Johnson; 7. Michel.

Heat 2: 1. Weight; 2. Traut; 3. Kapp; 4. Beyer; 5. Morlock; 6. Hansen; 7. Schwehr.

Heat 3: 1. N. Reinke; 2. Rodin; 3. Carpenter; 4. Theis; 5. Gumke; 6. Wibstad; 7. Z. Reinke, DNF.


Feature: 1. Greg Moore; 2. Erik Busche; 3. Leann Christensen; 4. Travis Edinger; 5. Clay Gentzkow; 6. Tony Smith; 7. Hayden Aberle; 8. Lane Stoppleworth; 9. Chuck Christ; 10. Billy Carow; 11. Larry Hanson, DNF.

Heat 1: 1. Carow; 2. Aberle; 3. Busche; 4. Smith; 5. Christ; 6. Stoppleworth.

Heat 2: 1. Gentzkow; 2. Christensen; 3. Moore; 4. Edinger; 5. Hanson.

INEX Legends

Feature: 1. Donavin Wiest; 2. Tim Estenson; 3. Sean Johnson; 4. Austin Wiest; 5. Tye Wilke; 6. Drew Papke; 7. Andrew Jochim; 8. Andrew Sommerfeld; 9. Ivan Sailer; 10. Terry Sahr; 11. Scott Richardson; 12. Preston Martin; 13. Brian Hanson; 14. Kevin Jensen; 15. Dylan Johnson; 16. Tony Mack; 17. Brody Carlsrud; 18. Nate Keena, DNF.

Heat 1: 1. Estenson; 2. Wilke; 3. Hanson; 4. A. Wiest; 5. Martin; 6. Johnson; 7. Keena; 8. Mack; 9. Sommerfeld.

Heat 2: 1. Sailer; 2. D. Wiest; 3. Jochim; 4. Carlsrud; 5. Jensen; 6. Papke; 7. Johnson; 8. Richardson; 9. Sahr.

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