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AND WE'RE RACING: Stock Car Stampede underway at Jamestown Speedway

Kevin Eklund (63), of Sawyer, N.D., races underneath Minot's Justin Medler (75) during IMCA Northern Sport Mod action Friday night during the 47th annual Stock Car Stampede at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun1 / 2
Mandan's John Gartner Jr. (1) leads Jamestow's Billy Carow (7) and New Rockford's Matt Duchscherer (68) into Turn 1 during a bomber heat race Friday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun2 / 2

Jay Schlotfeldt cashed in a little good fortune with the racing gods Friday night at Jamestown Speedway.

The Jamestown driver won the first of five WISSOTA street stock heat races under caution on opening night of the 47th annual Stock Car Stampede, holding off a hard-charging Jeremy Engelhardt as the race ended one lap short of a scheduled 10 laps because of a spin in Turn 4.

Engelhardt, from Bismarck, started sixth in the 10-car field and was mounting a charge on the high side. Schlotfeldt started on the pole and had over a one-second lead erased midway through because of a yellow flag.

"I looked over my right shoulder coming out of 2 and there (Engelhardt) was, and I was like 'Ah...'" Schlotfeldt said. "I got lucky starting out front."

The top three, which included Bismarck's John Feist, all advanced to today's main event. The Stampede concludes tonight with feature racing beginning at 5 p.m.

Schlotfeldt is making a return trip to the Stampede streets feature after placing 18th in Jamestown's historic season-ending special last season. The Stampede broke the 300-car barrier for the first time since 2015, totalling 310 cars and drivers unofficially, including a field of 48 streets cars. The Stampede set a record car count of 317 in 2012.

"It means everything," Schlotfeldt said on making the feature. "It's awesome."

Over an inch of rain fell over the speedway on Thursday, but track conditions were drier than one might have expected. Plenty of mud could be found pretty much everywhere else, however, including in the infield and pit area.

Schlotfeldt said adjustments will need to be made to his machine in the next 24 hours to compete for a Stampede title.

"Tighten up the car. It was pretty loose," Schlotfeldt said. "I didn't realize it was going to be that dry-slick out there."

Carrington's Preston Carr won a stacked WISSOTA midwest modified heat on Friday, holding off the likes of Jamestown's Scott Bintz, East Grand Forks' Dustin Strand, Langdon's Lance Schill, Glyndon's Corky Thomas, Fargo's Joey Rowell and Hoople's Nate Reynolds.

Carr started on the pole for the 10-lap heat next to Reynolds, and had to fight his way back past Reynolds on the high side at the midway point after losing the lead early. Bintz finished third, as Carr, Reynolds and Bintz are all qualified for the B-mod main event.

"I had to kinda bump my way to the top to get up there, then we got back by Nate. Thank God," Carr said. "But, yeah, it went pretty good so far."

Carr explained holding off the stout competition in the heat race was a feat in itself. A total of 48 B-mods are racing this weekend.

"It's nerve-wracking at the beginning but it's fun to be able to compete with them guys and stay ahead of them," Carr said. "Big relief. It would be awesome to win."

Bintz knows his work is cut out for him today, even though he's in the show.

"It just would have been nice to have a few more laps," Bintz said. "Particularly when the heat race could've been the feature lineup. It's too bad they don't do passing points like most big shows, but it was a fun race."

WISSOTA Late Models, 25 in attendance, had yet to hit the race track at 10:30 p.m. when The Sun went to press.

47th annual Stock Car Stampede

At Jamestown Speedway

Friday's heat results at press time

IMCA Modifieds

(Top 3 advance to feature)

Heat 1: 1. Trent Grager; 2. Marlyn Seidler; 3. Dale Mathison; 4. Quentin Kinzley; 5. Robert Hellebust; 6. Josh Jones; 7. Lucas Rodin; 8. Shawn Nostdahl; 9. Brian Brennan; 10. Donald Robinson; 11. Mike Tomlinson.

Heat 2: 1. Tracy Domagala; 2. John Corell; 3. Travis Davis; 4. Travis Ulmer; 5. Travis Olheiser; 6. Delray Dykstra; 7. Michael Johnson; 8. Randy Gordon; 9. Travis Traut; 10. Chris Welk; 11. Darrell Parsons.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

(Top 3 advance to feature)

Heat 1: 1. Jay Schlotfeldt; 2. Jeremy Engelhardt; 3. John Feist; 4. Brian Johnson; 5. Allan Frederick; 6. Shawn Becker; 7. Brodee Eckerdt; 8. Monte Gawryluk; 9. Nathan Messer; 10. Joe Armstrong.

Heat 2: 1. Matt Dosch; 2. Chris Ritter; 3. Cory Rodin; 4. Jaden Christ; 5. Josh Barker; 6. Daniel Aberle; 7. Brian Hanson Jr.; 8. Brandon Booke; 9. Greg Jose; 10. Scott Gartner.

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

(Top 5 advance to feature)

Heat 1: 1. Chad Strachen; 2. Scott Jacobson; 3. Kyle Keller; 4. Robby Rosselli; 5. Justin Medler; 6. Josh Moulton; 7. Kevin Eklund; 8. Shawn Pudwill; 9. Evan Morast; 10. Jordan Binstock; 11. Caden Roberts.

Heat 2: 1. Chris VanMil; 2. Ryan Restad; 3. Taylor Grove; 4. Matthew Clark; 5. Brandon Tendeland; 6. Josh Carson; 7. Brian Schaffer; 8. Brennan Urbach; 9. Jesse Long; 10. Shane Williams; 10. Reile Sailer.

Heat 3: 1. Luke Krogh; 2. Kelly Jacobson; 3. Philip Keller; 4. David Siercks; 5. Dan Dowling; 6. Kyle Krogh; 7. Zach Frederick; 8. Billy Michaelsohn; 9. Kregi Kasin; 10. Paul Peterson.

WISSOTA Midwest Mods

(Top 3 advance to feature)

Heat 1: Preston Carr; 2. Nate Reynolds; 3. Scott Bintz; 4. Joey Rowell; 5. Lance Schill; 6. Dustin Strand; 7. Justin Froemming; 8. Corky Thomas; 9. Tanner Theis; 10. Laine Schwehr.

Heat 2: 1. Reise Stenberg; 2. Jess Brekke; 3. Jeff Carpenter; 4. Jaden Varnson; 5. Zach Reinke; 6. Randy Thompson; 7. Alex Senger; 8. Jason Schuh; 9. Shawn Pudwill; 10. Lindsey Hansen.

WISSOTA Super Stocks

(All advance to feature)

Heat 1: 1. Stewart Schipke; 2. Brian Bernotas; 3. Kip DeGroot; 4. Allan Cleveland; 5. Kevin Aga; 6. Delwain Lehr; 7. Dave Thomas; 8. Matt Johnson; 9. Kip Meyer.

Heat 2: 1. Shawn Wageman; 2. William Wadeson; 3. Jordan Henkemeyer; 4. Tim Compson; 5. John Miller; 6. Kyle Elsen; 7. Corey Aga; 8. Mike Nims.


(Top 5 advance to feature)

Heat 1: 1. Clay Gentzkow; 2. J. Liddle; 3. Tony Smith; 4. Greg Moore; 5. Dylan Sandberg; 6. Matt Gumke; 7. Ryan Ost; 8. Karlie Hoerner; 9. Hayden Aberle; 10. Nick Kassian; 11. John Heacox.

Heat 2: 1. John Gartner Jr.; 2. Brent Vetter; 3. Billy Carow; 4. Dillon Thorpe; 5. Tony Bundy; 6. Nathan Messer; 7. Larry Hanson; 8. Matt Duchscherer; 9. Dave Peterson; 10. Dylan Steele; 11. Dennis Dahl.

Heat 3: 1. Cory Rodin; 2. Leann Christensen; 3. Chris Welk Jr.; 4. Dale Wampler; 5. Taylor Saari; 6. Lane Stoppleworth; 7. Chris Jung; 8. Chris Rangeloff; 9. Travis Edinger; 10. Ferlin Sheridan; 11. A.J. Davenport.

INEX Legends

(Top 5 advance to feature)

Heat 1: Drew Papke, 2. John Sommerfeld; 3. Andrew Jochim; 4. Josh Julsrud; 5. Jeremiah Erickson; 6. Kevin Jensen; 7. Alex Kulowski; 8. Alex Braseth; 9. Kyle Doepke; 10. Tony Brockhouse.

Heat 2: 1. Austin Weist; 2. Brian Hanson; 3. Dylan Johnson; 4. Nate Keena; 5. Ivan Sailer; 6. Troy Hoff; 7. Brody Carlsrud; 8. Jacob Aldrich; 9. Garrison Miller.

Heat 3: 1. Donavin Wiest; 2. Sean Johnson; 3. Dean Julsrud; 4. Preston Martin; 5. Andrew Sommerfeld; 6. Terry Sahr; 7. Tye Wilke; 8. Scott Richardson; 9. Ryan Braseth.

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