One of the area's crown jewel dirt-track racing events is set to run this weekend in Jamestown, as the 49th running of the Stock Car Stampede will take place at the Jamestown Speedway.

This year's Stampede, however, will feature a new twist.

It has been a tradition over the years at the Stampede to run qualifying heat races on the opening night of the two-night weekend, with the championship features to follow on Saturday night. This year, the Stampede will have complete shows on both nights.

This means heats and features on both Friday and Saturday. Racing begins Friday at 7 p.m.

"It seems like it's more and more of a trend," said Jamestown Speedway promoter Tim Baldwin about many area fall specials changing to complete shows over a two- or three-day period.

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Dustin Erickson (13) and Bob Banish Jr. (65) battle for position during a street stock heat race at Jamestown Speedway on Aug. 29, 2020. Michael Savaloja / The Sun
Dustin Erickson (13) and Bob Banish Jr. (65) battle for position during a street stock heat race at Jamestown Speedway on Aug. 29, 2020. Michael Savaloja / The Sun

"[The change] has been in the back of our minds for about five or six years now, if not longer. This year, with everything going on, the different schedules and it being an odd year, if there was ever a year to try something, this was the year."

The Jamestown Speedway kicked off its season a few weeks later than normal, as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the season opener back to June 6th.

Since then, the track only suffered one rainout, except for having to run double Street Stock features in August after the NOSA Sprint Car special was cut short due to severe weather on July 25th.

"Ironically, even though we didn't start until June, we still had more races than the last two years with all the rainouts," Baldwin said about how the 2020 season played out at the speedway.

"Overall, racing-wise, driver-wise, and fan-wise, it turned out to be a fantastic year. The racing was great, the support from the drivers, and the support from the fans was unbelievable."

What won't change is the lineup of classes that will be featured at this year's event. Slingshots, Bombers, INEX Legends, IMCA SportMods, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, WISSOTA Street Stocks, IMCA Modifieds, and WISSOTA Late Models will all be back during this year's running of the Stampede.

The Jamestown Stock Car Stampede unofficially kicks off Thursday night at 6 p.m. with another of the newer additions to the weekend: the Driver Calcutta Auction. The Calcutta takes place in the beer gardens building just south of the main grandstand.

Following Friday night's green flag, racing resumes at 5 p.m. Saturday evening.

2019 Stampede winners

IMCA MODIFIEDS: Casey Arneson (Fargo, N.D.)

IMCA SPORT MODS: Luke Krogh (Dickinson, N.D.)

BOMBERS: Curt Michaelsohn (Wishek, N.D.)

INEX LEGENDS: Donavin Wiest (Wishek, N.D.)

HORNETS: Neil Walton (Englevale, N.D.)

WISSOTA LATE MODELS: Cole Schill (Horace, N.D.)

WISSOTA MIDWEST MODIFIEDS: Preston Carr (Carrington, N.D.)

WISSOTA STREET STOCKS: Todd Carter (Lisbon, N.D.)

2020 Jamestown Speedway Season Review

Track Champions

BOMBERS: Dylan Steele (Jamestown, N.D.)


WISSOTA STREET STOCKS: Billie Christ (Jamestown, N.D.)

IMCA MODIFIEDS: John Nord (Enderlin, N.D.)

INEX Legends: Tye Wilke (Detroit Lakes, Minn.)

Jr. Slingshots: Joseph Banish (Milnor, N.D.)

2020 Jamestown Speedway Feature Winners

BOMBERS: A.J. Davenport 4, Dylan Steele 2, Billy Carow, Jarod Klein, Matthew Duchscherer.

WISSOTA MIDWEST MODIFIEDS: Brennon Weight 4, Nate Reinke, Jeffrey Schwind Jr., Reise Stenberg, Cody Lee, Tracy Johnson.

WISSOTA STREET STOCKS: Billie Christ 4, Jonny Carter 2, Dustin Erickson, Todd Carter, Hunter Domagala, Eric Riley.

IMCA MODIFIEDS: Marlyn Seidler 3, Jarrett Carter 2, Casey Arneson 2, John Corell, Austin Arneson.


NOSE SPRINT CARS: Brendan Mullen.

INEX LEGENDS: Tye Wilke 6, Ryan Braseth, Alex Kukowski, Drew Papke.

IMCA STREET STOCKS: Elijah Zevenbergen.

JR. SLINGSHOTS: Gavin Edinger 3, Joseph Banish 2, Cody Jawaski, Tripp Nelson, Bryson Corell.

Final Point standings

Top 10

Bombers: 1. Dylan Steele, Jamestown, 977; 2. Billy Carow, Jamestown, 949; 3. Nick Thoreson, Valley City, 947; 4. Jarod Klein, Jamestown, 939; 5. Matthew Duchscherer, New Rockford, 925; 6. A.J. Davenport, Bismarck, 848; 7. Erik Busche, Jamestown, 843; 8. Hayden Aberle, LaMoure, 835; 9. Leann Christensen, Spiritwood, 815; 10. Asher Williams, Jamestown, 774.

INEX Legends: 1. Tye Wilke, Detroit Lakes (MN), 888; 2. Ryan Braseth, Ulen (MN), 816; 3. Donavin Wiest, Wishek, 789; 4. Dylan Johnson, Durbin, 738; 5. Brian Hanson, Jamestown, 704; 6. Joshua Wiest, Jamestown, 694; 7. Alex Braseth, Ulen (MN), 688; 8. Chuck Christ, Jamestown, 662; 9. Terry Sahr, Jamestown, 591; 10. Collin Compson, Valley City, 555.

Jr. Slingshots: Joseph Banish, Milnor, 381; 2. Noah Lewis, Hawley (MN), 337; 3. Joseph Lewis, Hawley (MN), 306; 4. Zander Compson, Valley City, 295; 5. Sierra Davenport, Bismarck, 294.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds: 1. Nate Reinke, Lisbon, 857; 2. Zach Reinke, Lisbon, 826; 3. Jim Morlock, Pettibone, 783; 4. Kelly Hagel, Carrington, 762; 5. Lucas Rodin, Marion, 752; 6. Arin Beyer, Jamestown, 745; 7. Jaren Wibstad, Jamestown, 742; 8. Brennon Weight, LaMoure, 720; 9. Scott Bintz, Jamestown, 703; 10. Terry Sahr, Jamestown, 676.

WISSOTA Street Stocks: 1. Billie Christ, Jamestown, 1,000; 2. Robert Banish Jr., Milnor, 885; 3. Dustin Erickson, Jamestown, 872; 4. Jaden Christ, Jamestown, 851; 5. Christopher Ritter, Jamestown, 809; 6. Brian Hanson Jr., Jamestown 764; 7. Royce Jawaski, Horace, 702; 8. Todd Carter, Lisbon, 687; 9. Tyler Schrenk, Ypsilanti, 681; 10. Jay Schlotfeldt, Jamestown, 657.

IMCA Modifieds: 1. John Nord, Enderlin, 281; 2. Rusty Kollman, Carrington, 277; 3. Scott Gartner, Jamestown, 255; 4. Cole Babcock, Rothsay (MN), 246; 5. John Corell, Jamestown, 244; 6. Shawn Becker, Jamestown, 242; 7. Jarrett Carter, Lisbon, 225; 8. Marlyn Seidler, Underwood, 219; 9. Lucas Rodin, Marion, 219; 10. Eric Edwards, Edgeley, 217.