The 49th annual Stock Car Stampede at the Jamestown Speedway is in the books, with Cole Schill going back-to-back as the WISSOTA Late Model champion and Shawn Strand winning his first Stampede championship in the IMCA Modifieds in a wild finish.

The lineup for the late model feature saw the first- and second-place finishers from last year's Stampede starting on the front row, as Cole Schill, of Horace, North Dakota, and Derek Vesel, of Hibbing, Minnesota, led the field to the green at the start of the race.

It took just three circuits around the quarter-mile oval for Schill to catch the rear of the field and start to think about working lapped traffic.

The first caution of the race ended Schill's first attempt at having to navigate through the traffic, though he did have to take evasive action to avoid a spun-out car directly in front of him. After a quick trip over the edge of Turn 2, Schill continued on, realigning as the leader.

Friday night's winner, Ryan Mikkelson, moved past Vesel for second on the restart before another caution one lap later.

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Mikkelson and Vesel made some contact on the following restart but remained second and third until the third caution with 16 laps to go.

Schill had another possible run through traffic erased with the fourth caution and 12 to go, with Vesel briefly regaining second on the restart that followed, but was erased by the fifth caution of the race.

One final potential for running through lapped traffic was once again erased by the final caution with six laps remaining.

With a clear track, Schill was able to continue on to victory over Mikkelson and Vesel.

"The yellows were perfect timing," said Schill in victory lane. "I got around a few guys right away, and then the yellow came out, and I was like, 'Oh, thank goodness,' cause the track was just tough. Every restart would come when I was getting up on them, and we were lucky to start up front and park it in victory lane."

In the IMCA Modified feature, the battle for the win was mostly a two-car affair as defending Stampede champion Casey Arneson, of Fargo, and Shawn Strand, of Mandan, North Dakota, engaged in a bit of a chess match for the win all race long.

After a caution with three laps complete, Arneson peeked to the inside of Strand for the next pair of circuits but was unable to complete a pass on Strand.

Arneson jumped the cushion with 14 to go, but a caution one lap later closed the gap just as the lead duo caught the back of the field.

Arneson took another look to Strand's inside, but again to no avail.

With three laps remaining, the pair reached traffic again, and as the lead duo stormed off of Turn 4 for the final time, the pair made contact, sending Arneson into a violent series of flips off of Turn 1.

Strand won the race, with Arneson still ending up second.

"I was focused on trying to get a good pass in," Strand said postrace. "All of a sudden, I hear a boom in the side of me, and unfortunately Casey was there and I didn't realize it. I hate that his stuff got wrecked and the race ended like that. On a high note, we won the Stampede. It's awesome."

Jamestown's Billie Christ, left, capped a career season at his hometown track with a Stock Car Stampede street stock championship at Jamestown Speedway on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2020. Steven Young / For The Sun
Jamestown's Billie Christ, left, capped a career season at his hometown track with a Stock Car Stampede street stock championship at Jamestown Speedway on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2020. Steven Young / For The Sun

The WISSOTA Street Stocks only had one caution in their championship feature, as Jamestown's Billie Christ led the first five laps.

Shortly thereafter, local driver Dustin Erickson and Jason Havel, of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, went three-wide with 2019 national champion Jonny Carter for the second spot. That allowed Christ to open up a half straightaway lead.

As Erickson and Carter worked lapped traffic with four laps remaining, Erickson dove low under Carter and a lapped car, spinning to a stop for the lone caution of the race.

Christ continued to lead on the restart, as Havel shadowed Carter until the final lap when the engine in Carter's mount failed. Christ continued on to victory over Havel.

In the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature, original polesitter Jamie Dietzler broke on the initial start, resulting in the first caution of the race.

Enderlin's Kyle Langland led the first five laps before the second pileup of the race.

Brock Gronwold, of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, took the lead on the ensuing restart, before the third multi-car incident of the race one lap later.

When the race resumed, Gronwold built a straightaway lead as the race reached the eight-to-go mark.

Though Gronwold had to work traffic in the final three circuits, he continued on to victory over Langland.

Bismarck's Drew Papke completed the weekend sweep in INEX Legend action, as he took the lead from Alex Kukowski with 10 laps remaining and won by two-and-a-half seconds over Kukowski.

Minot's Darren Medler returned from a runner-up finish with a broken rear end on Friday night to win the IMCA SportMod feature, despite pass attempts by Zach Frederick throughout the race.

Valley City's Nick Thoreson also completed a weekend sweep of feature races in the bombers. Dylan Steele weathered three caution periods, leading the first 16 laps before Thoreson moved from fourth to second with six remaining. Thoreson tried multiple lines before making the winning pass with three laps left.

Jaidyn Edinger was the first to complete a weekend sweep. She accomplished the feat in the Slingshot division, storming from seventh to third on the opening lap and going on to win over Tripp Nelson.

Jaidyn Edinger, of nearby Spiritwood, won the big trophy in the slingshot division Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Steven Young / For The Sun
Jaidyn Edinger, of nearby Spiritwood, won the big trophy in the slingshot division Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Steven Young / For The Sun

49th Stock Car Stampede

At Jamestown Speedway

Saturday's Feature Results

WISSOTA Late Models

1. Cole Schill; 2. Ryan Mikkelson; 3. Derek Vesel; 4. Eric Edwards; 5. Brody Troftgruben; 6. Tim Compson; 7. Paul Mueller; 8. Tyler Hample; 9. Kevin Robertson; 10. Dan Dowling; 11. Erik Robertson; 12. Chase Gelling; 13. Logan Dowso; 14. Kelly Hample; 15. Josh Skorczeski, DNF; 16. Robert Hellebust, DNF; 17. Trent Grager, DNF; 18. Ryan Dahl, DNF; 19. Mitch Johnson, DNF; 20. Jeffrey Massingill, DNF; 21. Steve Anderson, DNF; 22. Curt Gelling, DNF; 23. Terry Nelson; 24. Jeff Provinzino; 25. Ryan Corbett. DNS: Dustin Strand; Billy Vogel, Hank Berry, Jeff Hapala, Blake Anderson.

IMCA Modifieds

1. Shawn Strand; 2. Casey Arneson; 3. Quentin Kinzley; 4. Dalton Magers; 5. Mike Johnson; 6. Eric Edwards; 7. Marlyn Seidler; 8. Dave Shipley; 9. Scott Gartner; 10. Cole Neset; 11. Travis Olheiser; 12. Shawn Fletcher; 13. Cole Babcock; 14. Austin Arneson; 15. Allen Kent; 16. Jesse Skalicky; 17. Jeremy Forester; 18. Jordan Sours; 19. Rusty Kollman; 20. Jess Brekke; 21. Travis Hagen, DNF; 22. Matt Aukland, DNF; 23. Brandon Beckendorf, DNF; 24. Greg Friestad, DNF. DNS: Hank Berry.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

1. Billie Christ; 2. Jason Havel; 3. Todd Carter; 4. Dustin Ebensteiner; 5. Trey Hess; 6. Kasey Ussatis; 7. Royce Jawaski; 8. John Weber; 9. Tracy Domagala; 10. Zach Frederick; 11. Cory Rodin; 12. Robert Banish Jr.; 13. Daniel Aberle; 14. John Feist; 15. Jaden Christ; 16. Tucker Pederson; 17. Shawn Volk; 18. Spencer Johnson; 19. Kelly Hoerner; 20. Kevin Pender; 21. Jonny Carter, DNF; 22. Matt Dosch, DNF; 23. Hunter Domagala, DNF; 24. Dustin Erickson, DNF.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

1. Brock Gronwold; 2. Kyle Langland; 3. Adam Brotherton; 4. Jaren Wibstad; 5. Zach Reinke; 6. Nate Reinke; 7. Alex Langland; 8. Jarett Lovcik; 9. Preston Carr; 10. Brennon Weight; 11. Lucas Rodin; 12. Scott Bintz; 13. Rich Pavlicek; 14. Arin Beyer; 15. Justin Jones; 16. Cole Neset; 17. Jeffrey Schwind Jr.; 18. Jess Brekke; 19. Aaron Michel; 20. Kelly Hagel; 21. Randy Klein; 22. Jason Halverson; 23. Jim Morlock; 24. Jory Berg, DNF; 25. Jamie Dietzler, DNF.

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

1. Darren Medler; 2. Zach Frederick; 3. Chris VanMil; 4. Scott Jacobson; 5. Kelly Henderson; 6. Robby Rosselli; 7. Brady Bjella; 8. Rich Pavlicek; 9. Cole Lewis; 10. John Young; 11. Max Nelson; 12. Brock Beeter; 13. Jacob Jordan; 14. Kelly Jacobson; 15. Jake Kubik; 16. Torey Fischer; 17. Joshua Moulton; 18. Brandon Tendeland; 19. Makenzie Hagen, DNF; 20. Luke Krogh, DNF; 21. Paul Colvin, DNF; 22. Brandon Ferris, DNF; 23. Robbie Thome, DNF; 24. Chris Siercks, DNF; 25. Josh Carson, DNF. DNS: Brian Schaffer.

INEX Legends

1. Drew Papke; 2. Alex Kukowski; 3. Ryan Braseth; 4. Nate Keena; 5. Dylan Johnson; 6. Kevin Jensen; 7. Ivan Sailer; 8. Ashton Spieker; 9. Austin Wiest; 10. Preston Martin; 11. Donavin Wiest; 12. Alex Braseth; 13. Justin Bauer; 14. Brian Hanson; 15. Gus Jensen; 16. Joshua Wiest; 17. Bryce Barnhardt; 18. Brian Frederick; 19. Sean Johnson; 20. Chuck Christ; 21. Jacoby Traut; 22. Don Hayes; 23. Zander Bauer, DNF; 24. Scott Richardson, DNF.


1. Nick Thoreson; 2. Dylan Steele; 3. Travis Edinger; 4. Chris Welk Jr.; 5. Billy Carow; 6. Bo Gregor; 7. John Gartner Jr.; 8 Matt Gumke; 9. Brent Vetter; 10. Joe Jacobson; 11. Logan Berg; 12. Paul Morman; 13. Hayden Aberle; 14. Erik Busche; 15. Jarod Klein; 16. Terry Davenport; 17. Karlie Hoerner; 18. Asher Williams; 19. Daniel Kaseman; 20. Dustin Hinrichs; 21. Dylan Sandberg, DNF; 22. Matthew Duchscherer, DNF; 23. Keith McCleary, DNF; 24. Matt Miller, DNF.

Jr. Slingshots

1. Jaidyn Edinger; 2. Tripp Nelson; 3. Gavin Edinger; 4. Joesph Banish; 5. Noah Lewis; 6. Joseph Lewis; 7. Cody Jawaski; 8. Deegan Michel; 9. Bryson Corell; 10. Zander Compson, DNF.