North Dakota Game and Fish officials have identified another invasive species in North Dakota.

A bighead carp was collected and verified in the James River near LaMoure during monitoring of silver carp in the stream. The bighead carp, like the silver carp, is an invasive species that originated in Asia. The carp is considered a nuisance species and can cause damage to the environment of the stream and reduce available food sources for other species.

Silver carp, known for jumping from the water when disturbed and sometimes injuring boaters, was discovered in the James River at LaMoure in 2011.

The bighead carp located in the same area this spring is the first reported occurrence of the species in North Dakota. Jessica Howell, Game and Fish aquatic nuisance species coordinator, said additional monitoring in the James River is planned as far north as the faces of Pipestem and Jamestown dams.

The silver and bighead carp were introduced to the United States from Asia for use in fish farms. Both species escaped into the wild sometime in the 1970s and have been expanding their territory ever since.