The hunting season for mountain lions in western North Dakota has ended, according to information from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Regulations set a quota allowing hunters to take seven mountain lions in Zone 1of the state. That quota was met Monday when three mountain lions were taken.

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Zone 1 includes an area south of N.D. Highway 1804 from the Montana border to point where N.D. Highway 1804 lies directly across Lake Sakakawea from N.D. Highway 8, crossing Lake Sakakawea then south along N.D. Highway 8 to N.D. Highway 200, then west on N.D. Highway 200 to U.S. Highway 85, then south of U.S. Highway 85 to the South Dakota border.

The remaining portion of the state, referred to as Zone 2, has no quota from mountain lions. Hunting is allowed through March 31, in Zone 2.