Blue Jays Roundup: Track still pushing, baseball goes 50/50 with Legacy

The Jamestown High School baseball and track and field teams were in action on May 3.

The Jamestown High School boys and girls track and field teams were on the road in Mandan and Bismarck on May 3, 2022.
Jon Jablonski / WDA event photographer

It may have been sunny and on the plus side of the 50 degree mark Tuesday, but it still wasn't the picture perfect weather for the Jamestown High School track and field team — at least it wasn't for the Blue Jay boys team.

"Comparing the results, it appears like the wind out of the southeast affected the boys in Mandan much more than the girls over in Bismarck," Co-head track and field coach Ken Gardner said. "We were mot too far off of last week's times and distance — maybe just a small step behind."

Gardner and the guys wound up placing eighth out of 10 competing teams at the Mar Club Invite in Mandan, scoring 31.5 points. The Blue Jay girls team wound up placing fourth out of nine teams with a grand total of 81 points.

Both the girls and boys teams are slated to be in action on Saturday with some of the team headed to Carrington for the Carrington Kiwanis/Lions Meet while other team members are being sent down to Sioux Falls for the annual Howard Wood Dakota Relays.

While some times might have been a little slower and distances a bit shorter, a few of the Jays' most promising athletes challenged themselves and came out on top Tuesday.


"Preston Kroeber got after it in the 300 hurdles and came away with the win," Gardner said. "The boys 4x100 relay set a season best in their second place finish. I think we just need a warm day to get our sprinters, jumpers, and throwers to take that next step.

"We're hoping to get just that when we’re back at it this Saturday up in Carrington."

Kroeber clocked in at 42.35 seconds to win the 300 hurdles. The 400 meter relay team, comprised of Sam Mayhair, Devin Beach, Kroeber and Hillstrom completed the one lap in 44.91 seconds.

On the girls side of things, Annie Nabwe was doing her normal breaking of records. The senior launched her disc to a first-place mark of 149 feet, one inch, beating her own school record in the event by more than five and a half feet. Nabwe took first-prize in all three throwing events., throwing a personal best of 128 feet, 7 inches in javelin.

Out on the track, Nabwe's younger sister, Yolanda, was getting things done.

Yolanda won the 100 hurdle contest, cruising to a first-place finish of 15.17 seconds while also anchoring the Jays' 4x100 meter relay team which took second place, with a time of 51.25 seconds. Yolanda also finished sixth in the 300 hurdles.

Over at the high jump pit, Hunter Petersen set a new personal best for herself, hitting 4 feet, 11 inches. Petersen notched third place in the triple jump, with a jump of 33 feet, 3 inches while freshman Julia Skari came in eighth with a mark 13 inches back of Petersen.

BPS Girls Invite


Team results

1. Bismarck High 141; 2. Minot 125; 3. Mandan 91; 4. Jamestown 81; 5. Century 71; 6. St. Mary's 63; 7. Dickinson 43; 8. Legacy 41; 9. Watford City 38.

Top finishers / Blue Jay results

100 meter dash: 1. MaLiah Burke, MIN, 12.61; 4. Allysah Larson 13.18.

200: 1. Jazmin Barry, DHS, 25.77.

400: Eva Selensky, SM, 1:04.03.

800: 1. Acey Elkins, MAN, 2:23.49; 21. Maddy Orr 2:48.48.

1600: 1. Eva Selensky, SM, 5:30.09; 9. Jera Truax 5:58.23.


3200: 1. Jaelyn Ogle, WC, 11:51.61.

100 hurdles: 1. Yolanda Nabwe, JHS, 15.17; 8. Bernadette Belzer 17.50.

300 hurdles: 1. Hailey Markel, MAN, 48.98; 2. Julia Skari 49.65; 5. Belzer 50.67; 6. Y. Nabwe 51.28.

4x100 meter relay: 1. Minot (Burke, Faith Brown, Rachel Nwanki, Maicee Burke), 50.95; 2. Jamestown (Larson, Hunter Petersen, Skari, Y. Nabwe), 51.25.

4x200: 1. Bismarck (Cassy Praska, Kendall Berg, Ajaye Gill, Katelyn Luther), 1:48.91.

4x400: 1. Minot (Mandy Schmidt, Haley Conklin, Gwen Jarvis, Hallie Nash), 4:32.47.

4x800: 1. Bismarck High (Dalila Sharp, Bayla Weigel, Sophia Ness, Taya Fettig), 10:11.78.

Shot put: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 45-06; 23. Kinley Anderson 29-05; 27. Paris Eslick 28-03; 29. Allison Panchot 27-00.


Discus: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 149-01; 14. Anderson 101-01; 29. Panchot 78-04.

Javelin: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 128-07; 18. Addison Marker 86-03; 20. Arya Mickelson 81-00; 31. Panchot 65-07.

High jump: 1. Morgan Sheldon, MAN, 5-01; 4. Hunter Petersen 4-11.

Pole vault: 1. Emily Ash, DHS, 10-03.

Long jump: 1. Ajaye Gill, BHS, 16-08.50; 13. Y. Nabwe 14-10.50.

Triple jump: 1. Gracyn Brennan, BC, 34-01; 3. Petersen 33-03; 8. Julia Skari 32-02.

Mar Club Boys Invite

Team results


1. Legacy 190.5; 2. Bismarck High 137; 3. Century 120.5; 4. Mandan 71; 5. Minot 57.5; 6. St. Mary's 47; 7. Dickinson 36; 8. Jamestown 31.5; 9. Watford City 22; 10. Hazen 6.

Top finishers / Blue Jay results

100: Dylan McGlothlin, LEG, 11.35; 16. Brode Hillstrom 12.31; 30. Hunter Nelson 12.71.

200: 1. Talen Farland, LEG, 22,89; 20. Nelson 25.00.

400: 1. Jacob Renz, BC, 51.11; 13. Preston Kroeber 55.60.

800: 1. Brady Korsmo, BHS, 1:58.74; 17. Cullen Flieth 2:09.77.

1600: 1. AJ Ash, DHS, 4:39.56; 15. Ethan Igl 5:07.04; 26. Austin Andersen 5:26.99.

3200: 1. Jaxsyn Olson, BHS, 10:29.65.


110 hurdles: 1. Jeran McNichols, BHS, 15.44; 12. Faustin Tuyikeze 18.74.

300 hurdles: 1. Preston Kroeber, JHS, 42.35.

4x100 meter relay: 1. Legacy (Talen Farland, Dylan McGlothlin, Evan Hoffer, Nathan Mathern), 42.67; 2. Jamestown (Sam Mayhair, Devin Beach, Preston Kroeber, Brode Hillstrom), 44.91.

4x200: 1. Legacy (Reece Snow, Talen Farland, Evan Hoffer, Nathan Mathern), 1:29.43.

4x400: 1. Legacy (Chase Knoll, Aidan Sagaser, Weston Synder, Cayden Kraft), 3:36.55.

4x800: 1. Bismarck High (Jaxsyn Olson, Peyton Sims, Djiby Diallo, Tyler Wahl), 8:54.57.

Shot put: 1. Jacob Burckhard, BC, 53-11; 5. Thomas Allmer 46-09.

Discus: 1. Jacob Burckhard, BC, 152-02; 8. Allmer 127-08.

Javelin: 1. Preston Lemar, BHS, 159-08.

High jump: 1. Hudsen Sheldon MAN, 5-10; 4. Beach 5-06.

Long jump: 1. Aeyden Price, SM, 21-07; 14. Hillstrom 19-00; 22. Nelson 18-06; 31. Tuyikeze 16-04.

Triple jump: 1. Zander Albers, LEG, 41-04; 3. Beach 41-01.

Pole vault: 1. Adam Nychyporuk, LEG, 14-00.

Baseball splits with Legacy in road action, back at home Friday

Jack Bowman and the Jamestown High School baseball squad were so close to notching a pair of conference wins Tuesday. but one is better than none.

The Jays wound up splitting with the Sabers, dropping 4-3 in game No. 1 before cruising to a 8-1 win in the second game. Jamestown will be back at Jack Brown Stadium on Friday for a conference matchup with Watford City.

Final stats were not available when the Jamestown Sun went to press.

Jamestown is now evenly split at 4-4 overall and 4-4 in the conference standings. Legacy is now 6-2 in the West and 8-2 overall and holds the No. 2 spot in the West Region. Jamestown is sitting in the fifth spot.

Katie Ringer is a sports reporter for the Jamestown Sun. Katie joined the Sun staff in the summer of 2019 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a degree in journalism. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 701-952-8460.
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