Finally Home: Blue Jay track team back in Jamestown Tuesday

The Jamestown High School track and field team hosted its first outdoor meet since 2017 on April 26.

jhs track hillstrom long jump 42622.jpg
Jamestown's Brode Hillstrom competes in the long jump on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, at the new track at the University of Jamestown. John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun
John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun

Mere hours before teams arrived at Charlotte and Gordon Hansen Stadium, Jamestown High School co-head track and field coaches, Ken Gardner and Mike Dietz were experiencing the frustrations of technical difficulties.

"It was a slow start," Gardner said. "It's our first meet in here in four years and our first meet in this new facility and our first meet with a new timing system. It took us two to three hours to even get the cameras hooked up.

"We got some good help and once we got rolling it was just fine."

Needless to say, it was good to be home.

Tuesday's FCCU True Team Meet marked the Blue Jays' first meet back at the Charlotte and Gordon Hansen Stadium since 2018. The FCCU True Team Meet was the first contest to be held at Hansen Stadium since the renovation to the facility back in 2021.


"I am so happy to be back here," Dietz said. "Hosting a meet is just like running these races — every time we do it we'll get better and better at it. I can't wait to do more. This is an awesome track and awesome facility."

The FCCU Invite marked only the second outdoor meet the Jays have competed in this season, the first coming on April 8 over in Dickinson.

The boys' portion of the Blue Jay roster is slated to be back in action on Thursday at the Bismarck Community Bowl while the girls will set up camp in Mandan.

Gardner said compared to the weather that has been hitting Jamestown in the last couple of weeks, Tuesday, while a little chilly and breezy, wasn't all that bad for the athletes as the sun was out during the early part of the meet and the facility protected the runners from the eastern wind that was blowing at 15 miles an hour.

It certainly didn't seem to affect the Blue Jays' performances.

"Brode Hillstrom did really well in the sprints, winning the 100 meter dash in a real tight race with an 11.83 ahead of a couple of guys who ran an 11.84," Gardner said.

Hillstrom came back a few hours later to place second in the 200 meter dash with a 24.3 second performance — only .05 seconds behind Peder Haugo of Fargo North.

Gardner also commended Preston Kroeber's times, as the senior is just getting back to full strength after recovering from an ankle issue sustained during the basketball season. Kroeber placed fourth in the 200, crossing the line at 24.95 seconds The senior just missed out on a podium-topping time in the 300 hurdles, but managed to earn the runner-up title with a season-record time of 43.48 seconds. Tuesday marked the first time Kroeber competed in the hurdles so far this season.


Thomas Allmer put together an impressive run in the throwing events. The Blue Jay senior claimed second place in shot, five inches behind Fargo North's Levi Leinen's mark of 44 feet, one inch.

Allmer got the best of the rest of the field in discus, clinching the top spot with a throw of 142 feet, 5 inches.

On the distance side of things, the Jays did their best to keep pace with the other two teams, and they did quite well in the opening race of the meet.

After trailing Fargo North for the opening six laps of the 4x800 meter relay, Blue Jay senior Cullen Flieth made an impressive push to take the lead and win the eight-lap race for his team. The Jays' 9:18.31 minute race, beat Fargo North's time by nearly 12 seconds.

Annie Nabwe did her usual damage in the throws, eclipsing her competition in the shot put, discus and javelin contests. Nabwe hit a season record in shot put, launching the eight-pound shot 46 feet, 6 inches. The senior put forth a 130 foot, 10 inch throw of the discus — nearly 11 feet ahead of St. Mary's Kiera Oukrop's mark.

Haylie Hakanson and Hunter Petersen tied for second in the high jump, both hitting the 4-foot-9 mark. Fargo North's Reagan Carlson won the high jump contest, clearing the bar one inch short of the 5-foot mark.

Hakanson also helped lead the Jays' 4x400 relay team to an unexpected first-place finish. After drafting off St. Mary's and Fargo North's runners the first two laps, Hakanson made her move and put the Jays within two strides of the lead runner heading into the final lap.

Bernadette Belzer outran St. Mary's anchor to secure the first-place finish for the Jays.


"We had a couple of kids PR today and to do that in 40 degree weather is pretty impressive," Dietz said.

"With the true-team format it tests your depth and so we put some kids in some other events that maybe they are not used to. I am happy with how everyone performed."

Team results


1. Jamestown 221, 2. Fargo North 152, 3. St. Mary's 129.

1. Fargo North 171.5, 2. Jamestown 164.5, 3. St. Mary's 86.

Individual top finishers / Blue Jay results


4x800 meter relay: 1. Jamestown (Cullen Flieth, Micah Stoudt, Raine Job, Brady Harty), 9:18.31.

100: 1. Brode Hillstrom, JHS, 11.83; 6. Ryan Kallenbach 12.65; 7. Sam Mayhair 12.67.

300 hurdles: 1. Trey Knoke, FN, 43.24; 2. Preston Kroeber 43.48; 6. Mag Cummings 48.48.

Shot put: 1. Levi Leinen, FN, 44-1; 2. Thomas Allmer 43-8; 5. Levi Trevithick 35-7; 7. Jacoby Traut 32-11.

Discus: 1. Allmer, JHS, 142-5; 5. Traut 87-11; 6. Levi Trevithick 77-2.

4x200: 1. St. Mary's (Isaac Duppong, Cameron Naslund, Colby Fleck, Isaac Felchle), 1:34.37; 3. Jamestown (Hunter Nelson, Asher Williams, Damien Cross, Xander Netolicky), 1:45.49.

High jump: 1. James Weninger, FN, 5-10; 2. Faustin Tuyikeze 5-6; 3. Ryan Kallenbach 5-4; 3. Devin Beach 5-4.

4x100: 1. Fargo North (Aden Nojang, Dallas Bachmeier, Sam Adams-Vandal, Peder Haugo), 46.64.

Javelin: 1. Sven Blomseth, SM, 146-0; 5. Jacoby Traut 114-6; 7. Thomas Allmer 99-10; 9. Levi Trevithick 91-7.

Pole vault: 1. Kyle Kramer, FN, 10-6.

200: 1. Peder Haugo, FN, 24.25; 2. Hillstrom 24.30; 4. Kroeber 24.95.

400: 1. Joseph Eberle, SM, 53.03; 7. Noah Lynch 58.61; 8. Brady Harty 58.69; 9. Damien Cross 1:03.80.

800: 1. Gabe Sagvold, FN, 2:07.20; 6. Raine Job 2:29.77; 7. Caleb Fabian 2:31.12; 8. Lynch 2:56.25.

3200: 1. Elijah Pederson, FN, 10:36.01; 3. Cullen Flieth 10:53.16; 5. Sam Anteau 11:37.25; 7. Micah Stoudt 12:10.75.

110 hurdles: 1. Trey Knoke, FN, 16.17; 4. Devin Beach 18.77; 5. Tuyikeze 20.46; 6. Cummings 20.51.

4x400: 1. Fargo North (Nathaniel Fritel, Trey Knoke, Jeb Gossett, Gabe Sagvold), 3:39.05; 3. Jamestown (Ethan Igl, Fabian, Austin Andersen, Kroeber), 4:56.50.

Long jump: 1. Isaac Felchle, SM, 21-4; 2. Hillstrom 20-5.5; 4. Hunter Nelson 19-8.75; 7. Kallenbach 17-5.5.

Triple jump: 1. James Weninger, FN, 40-10.25; 2. Beach 40-6; 5. Kallenbach 36-3; 6. Harty 35-5.5.


300 hurdles: 1. Bernadette Belzer, JHS, 49.67; 2. Julia Skari 50.64.

100: 1. Allysah Larson, JHS, 13.16; 4. Mona Kuylee 14.41.

Shot put: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 46-6; 4. Kinley Anderson 32-1.5; 6. Kendyl Anderson 27-11.

4x200: 1. St. Mary's (Emma Mckenzie, Cecelia Marohl, Katee Hollenbeck, Alexis Gerving), 1:55.12; 2. Jamestown (Kaelyn Nygaard, Sydney Fisher, Arya Mickelson, Erica Tarr), 2:05.07.

Discus: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 130-10; 4. Kinley Anderson 103-1; 6. Kendyl Anderson 64-0.

High jump: 1. Reagan Carlson, FN, 4-11; 2. Haylie Hakanson 4-9; 3. Hunter Petersen 4-9.

1600: 1. Kylie Wald, SM, 5:41.28; 5. Kyra Hoffer 6:58.67; 6. Madelyn Tyson 7:20.31; 7. Jayla Hoffer 7:20.37.

4x100: 1. Fargo North (Taylor Tedford, Reagan Carlson, Nora Fluge, Grace Miller), 54.89; 2. Jamestown (Sydney Fisher, Erica Tarr, Maren Kroeber, Mona Kuylee), 59.85.

Pole vault: 1. Jennifer Klundt, FN, 7-0; 2. J. Hoffer 7-0; 4. Arya Mickelson 6-0.

Triple jump: 1. Petersen, JHS, 33-9; 3. Skari 33-3; 4. Hakanson 31-4.

Long jump: 1. Grace Miller, FN, 16-4.5; 2. Larson 15-10; 5. Addison Marker 12-10.5; 6. Kroeber 11-11.75.

Javelin: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 118-6; 5. Yolanda Nabwe 82-8; 6. Marker 81-9.

4x800: 1. St. Mary's (Kylie Wald, Madelyn VerDouw, Abigail Eberle, Eva Selensky), 10:21.84; 3. Jamestown (Brooklyn Nygaard, Jera Truax, Maddy Orr, Kyra Hoffer), 11:46.26.

4x400: 1. Jamestown (Bernadette Belzer, Julia Skari, Haylie Hakanson, Hunter Petersen), 4:31.76.

100 hurdles: 1. Y. Nabwe, JHS, 16.36; 2. Belzer 17.94; 3. Kaelyn Nygaard 19.63.

3200: 1. Jera Truax, JHS, 13:56.92; 2. B. Nygaard 13.58.02; 3. Maddy Orr 15:05.11.

200: 1. Allysah Larson, JHS, 27.57; 2. Y. Nabwe 27.75; 7. Erica Tarr 32.40.

400: 1. Elise Anderson, FN, 1:13.39; 5. Mona Kuylee 1:22.17.

800: 1. Anna Lien, FN, 2:23.41; 7. Madelyn Tyson 3:14.78; 8. Jayla Hoffer 3:19.41; 9. Arya Mickelson 3:30.37.

Katie Ringer is a sports reporter for the Jamestown Sun. Katie joined the Sun staff in the summer of 2019 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a degree in journalism. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 701-952-8460.
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