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Jays have a record-breaking, career-first type day on Tuesday

The Jamestown High School track and field team hosted its second meet of the season on May 10.

jhs track boys 300 hurdles 051022.jpg
Jamestown's Preston Kroeber leads this hurdle group followed by teammate, Mag Cummings, left, and Caleb Klabunde of Kindred during the JHS True Team Invitational at Hansen Stadium on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.
John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun
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Co-head Jamestown High School track and field coach, Ken Gardner, has been looking for "the perfect day" all spring long.

Tuesday afternoon at Charlotte and Gordon Hansen Stadium was just about as perfect as it could be for a good pack of the Blue Jays.

After she crossed the finish line of the 3200 meter run, Brooklyn Nygaard turned to Gardner and said:

"I've never won a race before!"

Nygaard's performance in the two-mile, along with nine other first-place finishers helped the Blue Jay girls notch a second-place finish at the JHS True Team Meet. The Jays finished out the day with 250 points. Kindred won the meet, putting forth a 192.5 point performance. In True Team fashion, the lowest team score is the winning score. The Blue Jay boys also came in second, with 272 points earned across the 19 events.


Jamestown is slated to take part in the Bill Jansen Last Chance Meet on Monday at Dacotah Field in Valley City. Events are slated to begin at 2 p.m.

Nygaard has been an up-and-comer for the Blue Jay distance squad. As a seventh-grader, Nygaard had the opportunity to run at the state track and field meet which she followed up with a successful cross country season, which landed her the No. 2 runner on the team. Through the first few months of her track and field season, Nygaard has been battling some knee injuries which has kept her from competing as much as she would have liked too.

"I wanted to make it to State in the two-mile but that might be a little bit of a far reach for me just because I had to take a little break and am coming back," Nygaard said. "I still will work as hard as I can. My main goal is that I just want to keep dropping my time."

Initially, Nygaard was gunning for 6 minute, 30 second mile splits for a 13-minute-flat two-mile performance. The eighth grader said she got stuck behind a few runners to begin the race slowed her starting pace. Nygaard finished the eight laps in 13 minutes, 11 seconds — more than 25 seconds faster than she had run on May 7 at Carrington's Kiwanis Meet.

"This was not a PR at all but I am coming back from that injury," Nygaard said. "It was really nice to race today because at my last race (in Carrington) there were 35 mile per hour winds. My coach today, was telling me the whole time that there was no wind today, to kick it up and that I had it. It was a lot of fun."

While Nygaard was making laps around the track Annie Nabwe and Yolanda Nabwe were making a name for themselves in the Jamestown track and field record books.

Annie didn't make an appearance on the track, but her name showed up on the school record books for the fifth time in her career. The senior broke her own previous school record of 48 feet, 1 inch in the shot put by three inches. As a junior, Annie broke the school outdoor shot record four times. Annie brought home state titles in shot and disc last spring.

After finishing up with shot, athletes moved to the discus where Annie cleared her competitors' throws by more than 26 feet. She wound up pitching her disc a record-breaking, mark of 151-07. Her previous school record in discus was marked at 149 feet, 1 inch. The senior had never pitched a disc prior to last spring.


"I am just trying to do what I can," Annie said of her record-breaking throws. "My coach tells me to mark my previous spot and try to beat it so that's what I did. I am feeling pretty good so far."

While she might be feeling confident in the throws, Annie said she is a little worried about the upcoming state 100-meter run competition.

She has good cause as some throughout the state — mainly her younger sister — are threats to be reckoned with.

"I haven't really been training for running — it's mostly been throwing this year," Annie said. "(Yolanda) has a better time than me this year — but not overall."

Annie holds the record in the 100 at 12.04 seconds. The senior qualified for the state meet in the 100 back in April.

"Sometimes it's intimidating training with her," Annie said of her sister. "It's like, I am the older sister and I don't want to get beat by her so it pushes me harder to get better."

While it remains to be seen which Nabwe sister will pull out the better finish in the 100, it's pretty clear which one of them is going to be the dominating threat in the hurdles.

Spoiler — it's not Annie.


Yolanda has notched first-place finishes in the 100 hurdles in every single meet she has competed in this season. While her time has consistently been in the mid-15s — the junior found a new gear on Tuesday. Yolanda pushed her way to a 14.89-second finish, breaking McKayla Orr's 2014 school record of 15.11.

"I was happy for her," Annie said of her sister earning a school record.

Yolanda also pitched a first-place finish in the 100-meter dash Tuesday, finishing the straightaway in 12.56 seconds — her season-best time. Yolanda also anchored the Jays' 4x100 meter relay team, crossing the line to stop the clock at 49.79. The Jays took first in the 4x100. The team, comprised of Yolanda, Allysah Larson, Julia Skari and Hunter Petersen, has qualified to the state meet.

Individually, Petersen qualified to state in the high jump, notching a jump of 5 feet, 1 inch — a height that won her the event.

On the boys' side, Devin Beach won the triple jump contest, putting his mark at 41 feet, 2 inches. Beach was also a part of the top-finishing 4x100 relay team. Beach, along with Sam Mayhair, Brode Hillstrom and Preston Kroeber finished the lap in 44.77 seconds.

Kroeber won the 300 hurdles, stopping the clock at 42.52 seconds.

"A lot of us have qualified to State already which is super impressive considering we've only had a few outdoor meets," Nygaard said. "I think some more of us will qualify and I am hoping that everyone keeps getting PRs and season bests."

Team results


1. Kindred 192.5; 2. Jamestown 250; 3. Wahpeton 334.5.


1. Kindred 174; 2. Jamestown 272; 3. Wahpeton 330.

Top-finishers / Blue Jay results


Long jump: 1. Haylie Hakanson, JHS, 16-1.5; 6. Maren Kroeber 13-3.25; 8. Kaia Hieb 12-7.

4x800: 1. Kindred (Peyton Gette, Lexi Ogren, Stella Walberg, Ally Goodmanson), 10:29.44; 2. Jamestown (Jayla Hoffer, Kyra Hoffer, Brooklyn Nygaard, Maddy Orr), 11:33.02.

300 hurdles: 1. Julia Skari, JHS, 46.82; 3. Bernadette Belzer 48.60.

100: 1. Yolanda Nabwe, JHS, 12.56; 2. Allysah Larson 12.93; 9. Maren Kroeber 14.51.

4x200: 1. Kindred (Tina Freier, Tess Rohhrbeck, Ali Henke, Kacie Burner), 1:52.34; 2. Jamestown (Kaelyn Nygaard, Mona Kuylee, Erica Tarr, Sydney Fisher), 1:57.32.

1600: 1. Ally Goodmanson, KIN, 6:01.98; 2. Jera Truax 6:02.25; 5. Madelyn Tyson 7:25.43.

4x100: 1. Jamestown (Allysah Larson, Hunter Petersen, Julia Skari, Yolanda Nabwe), 49.79.

400: 1. Ava Olson, KIN, 1:04.80; 6. Kyra Hoffer 1:12.03; 8. Arya Mickelson 1:17.66; 9. Sadie Hager 1:23.82.

100 hurdles: 1. Yolanda Nabwe, JHS, 14.89; 3. Bernadette Belzer 17.20; 4. Kaelyn Nygaard 17.51.

Triple jump: 1. Gracie Nelson, KIN, 35-00; 2. Hunter Petersen 34-2.5; 3. Julia Skari 34-00; 5. Haylie Hakanson 33-07.

800: 1. Peyton Gette, KIN, 2:34.32; 4. Maddy Orr 2:49.04; 5. Jera Truax 2:52.43; 7. Jayla Hoffer 3:06.25.

Shot put: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 48-04; 5. Kendyl Anderson 31-05; 6. Kinley Anderson 31-04.

High jump: 1. Hunter Petersen, JHS, 5-01; 4. Haylie Hakanson 4-7.

200: 1. Elsa Ingebrigtson, KIN, 27.39; 3. Mona Kuylee 29.68.

3200: 1. Brooklyn Nygaard, JHS, 13:11.06.

4x400: 1. Jamestown (Bernadette Belzer, Allysah Larson, Haylie Hakanson, Julia Skari), 4:17.62.

Pole vault: 1. Quinn Bassingthwaite, WAH, 8-06; 4. Arya Mickelson 7-0; 7. Jayla Hoffer 6-6.

Javelin: 1. Abby Duchscherer, KIN, 125-10; 2. Annie Nabwe 114-04; 4. Addison Marker 95-09; 8. Arya Mickelson 77-02.

Discus: 1. Annie Nabwe, JHS, 151-07; 4. Kinley Anderson 108-06; 7. Allie Panchot 91-10.


4x800: 1. Jamestown (Austin Anderson, Eliot Dixon, Raine Job, Cullen Flieth), 9:17.65.

Long jump: 1. Ethan Manock, W, 21-00; 2. Brode Hillstrom 20-02; 6. Hunter Nelson 18-11; 7. Ryan Kallenbach 18-5.

100: 1. Jaiden Peraza, KIN, 11.34; 3. Brode Hillstrom 11.62; 4. Devin Beach 11.75; 6. Xander Netolicky 11.93.

300 hurdles: 1. Preston Kroeber, JHS, 42.52; 3. Mag Cummings 43.91; 4. Faustin Tuyikeze 46.09.

1600: 1. Ethan Schaffer, KIN, 4:50.17; 4. Ethan Igl 5:11; 7. Michah Stoudt 5:16.42; 8. Caleb Fabian 5:22.84.

4x200: 1. Kindred (Charlie Biewer, Xander Rath, Jack Olson, Cam Schwartzwalter), 1:34.96; 3. Jamestown (Hunter Nelson, Asher Williams, Damien Cross, Xander Netolicky), 1:39.31.

4x100: 1. Jamestown (Sam Mayhair, Devin Beach, Preston Kroeber, Brode Hillstrom), 44.77.

400: 1. Jaiden Peraza, KIN, 51.78; 4. Noah Lynch 56.31; 6. Ty Kapp 59.27; 7. Damien Cross 1:00.58.

High jump: 1. Paul Olson, KIN, 6-07; 4. Faustin Tuyikeze 5-02.

200: 1. Jaiden Peraza, KIN, 22.72; 3. Preston Kroeber 23.42; 5. Hunter Nelson 23.98; 6. Sam Mayhair 24.27.

800: 1. Ethan Schaffer, KIN, 2:09.49; 2. Brady Harty 2:17.03; 7. Eliot Dixon 2:32.92; 8. Ryley Smith 2:38.33.

Shot put: 1. Jack Packer, KIN, 57-3.5; 4. Thomas Allmer 46-0; 5. Levi Trevithick 37-04; 7. Jacoby Traut 33-5.5.

Triple jump: 1. Devin Beach, JHS, 41-02; 6. Max Rittenbach 34-4.5.

3200: 1. Keaton Olson, KIN, 10:43.49; 2. Cullen Flieth 10:44.79; 3. Austin Andersen 11:46.04; 6. Raine Job 12:20.75.

Discus: 1. Ethan Manock, WAH, 165-08; 3. Thomas Allmer 142-00; 6. Levi Trevithick 94-00; 7. Jacoby Traut 85-09.

Pole vault: 1. Jack Olson, KIN, 12-00.

Javelin: 1. Ethan Manock, WAH, 178-09; 5. Jacoby Traut 134-06; 7. Levi Trevithick 113-06; 8. Thomas Allmer 106-02.

1600: 1. Ethan Schaffer, KIN, 4:50.17; 4. Ethan Igl, 5:11; 6. Micah Stoudt 5:16.42; 7. Caleb Fabian 5:22.84.

4x400: 1. Kindred (Charlie Biewer, Paul Olson, Kylan Swenson, Jack McDonald), 3:41.46; 3. Jamestown (Preston Kroeber, Micah Stoudt, Brady Harty, Ethan Igl), 3:54.34.

Katie Ringer is a sports reporter for the Jamestown Sun. Katie joined the Sun staff in the summer of 2019 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a degree in journalism. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 701-952-8460.
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