St. Aubin wins record fourth girls golf title

The conversations are no longer the same, but the results sure are for Class B golf phenom Emily St. Aubin. The South Border sophomore won a North Dakota high school record fourth consecutive girls individual golf state championship Wednesday in ...

South Border's Emily St. Aubin
South Border's Emily St. Aubin chips onto the green Wednesday during the Class B girls golf state tournament at Crossroads Golf Club in Carrington. Patrick Bernadeau / Forum News Service

The conversations are no longer the same, but the results sure are for Class B golf phenom Emily St. Aubin.

The South Border sophomore won a North Dakota high school record fourth consecutive girls individual golf state championship Wednesday in Carrington. Jamestown's Laura Kraft won three-straight Class A championships from 2008-2010, while Hazen's Sara Berglund won Class B individual titles in 1997, 2000 and 2001.

St. Aubin's run began in 2016 as a seventh grader when she helped South Border win the Class B team title.

"A few years ago I only golfed with seniors, and they're all talking about college and all this," St. Aubin recalled. "It's definitely not an opportunity I thought I would ever get, obviously, but I'm very thankful how it's gone."

St. Aubin entered the final 18 holes at Crossroads Golf Club already staked to a 6-stroke lead at 4-over-par 76. She backed that up with a 6-over 78 to win by eight shots over Heart River senior Katie Keator.


"Most of my drives were going in the fairway, and I don't think the whole tournament I three-putted," St. Aubin said. "Putting was really the key."

St. Aubin, a student at Ashley High School, is coached by her dad, Jeremy St. Aubin. He said it's difficult to put into words what his daughter has accomplished, with two seasons yet to come.

"I feel like she's taken advantage of the opportunities that she's had over the years. She's played well," Jeremy St. Aubin said. "I still don't think I've ever seen her best game yet, and I hope I get to see that before she graduates from high school.

"But you never know about that, either. Golf is a fickle game."

Kindred won the team title by six strokes, led by seventh grader Avery Bartels at 24 over. St. Aubin mixed three birdies with five bogeys and a double bogey on Tuesday, with a bird and seven bogeys on Wednesday.

"She was missing iron shots early," Jeremy St. Aubin said. "But just her course management, she was doing a great job of putting herself in position to be able to score and keep putting the pressure on the other people she was playing with."

St. Aubin's final group included Bartels, Tioga sophomore Asha Valleier (22 over) and Linton-HMB senior Syd Blum (24 over). A youth movement in Class B girls golf is in full swing. Along with St. Aubin, Bartels and Valleier, Heart River sophomore Campbell Clarys tied Bartels and Blum at 24 over, while Grafton eighth grader Ainsley McLain tied Valleier at 22 over in fifth.

"Golf is definitely on the up right now," Emily St. Aubin said. "It's awesome to see."


But that also means a fifth individual title in as many years is going to come that much harder.

"Winning a state championship is tough. You have to have a lot of talent and even a little bit of luck, I believe," said the South Border sophomore. "Every year it just seems to be getting tougher and tougher."

Dad believes Emily will have just as good a shot as anyone in 2020.

"It would be hard for me to imagine anybody else to put in as much time as she does on the golf course," Jeremy St. Aubin said. "Sometimes you get lucky bounces, but she really puts in her time."

Class B Girls Golf State Tournament

At Crossroads Golf Club, Carrington

May 28

(After 36 of 36 holes)


Team results

1. Kindred 349-346--695; 2. Bowman Co. 358-343--701; 3T. Heart River 365-344--709; Linton-HMB 353-356--709; 5. Napoleon-G-S 380-353--733; 6. Grafton 370-365--735; 7. Langdon 366-376--742; 8. Edgeley-Kulm 381-364--745; 9. Carrington 379-376--755; 10. Northern Lights 388-390--778; 11. Park River 415-396--811; 12. Stanley 416-399--815; 13. Des Lacs-Burlington 414-404--818; 14. Dunseith 410-409--819; 16. Fargo Oak Grove 430-406--836; 16. Velva 433-412--845; 17. Beach 461-452--913.

Individual top 20

1. Emily St. Aubin, South Border 76-78--154; 2. Katie Keator, HR, 82-80--162; 3T. Karlee Schmitt, Hazen, 88-76--164; Brooke Peterson, BC, 85-79--164; 5T. Ainsley McLain, Grafton, 84-82--166; Asha Valliere, Tioga, 82-84--166; 7T. Campbell Clarys, HR, 88-80--168; Avery Bartels, Kindred, 82-86--168; Syd Blum, LHMB, 83-85--168; Bailey Hulm, LHMB, 85-83--168; 11T. Charmaine Haas, NGS, 87-83--170; Malia Cunningham, Beach, 88-82--170; 13. Alaina Pulczinski, Kindred, 86-86--172; 14T. Bailey Peterson, BC, 88-86--174; Savannah Ullyott, Langdon, 83-91--174; 16. Sydney Owens, HCV, 93-82--175; 17. Elise Fischer, BC, 93-83--176; 18. Greta Haslekaas, Langdon, 89-88-177; 19. Steph Burns, Grafton, 88-90--178; 20T. Grace Nantt, HR, 95-84--179; Ashley Schmitt, NGS, 94-85--179; Leah Vikander, Kindred, 92-87--179.

Savaloja is the sports lead writer for The Jamestown Sun.
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