Stutsman County girls basketball Invitational opens

The tournament includes M-P-B, Ellendale, E/K-M, South Border, Carrington, Warwick, Napoleon-Gackle/Streeter, and Griggs/Midkota.

M-P-B's Ryleigh Martin prepares to take a free throw in the fourth quarter of the Thunder's 38-29 win over Ellendale in the Stutsman County Invitational at the Jamestown Civic Center on Dec. 9. Max O'Neill/The Jamestown Sun

The first day of the Stutsman County girls basketball Invitational took place at the Jamestown Civic Center on Dec. 9. The annual Class B event had eight teams participating, Medina-Pingree-Buchanan, Ellendale, Edgeley/Kulm-Montpelier, South Border, Carrington, Warwick, Napoleon-Gackle/Streeter, and Griggs/Midkota. The two one seeds were the M-P-B Thunder and the Carrington Cardinals.

M-P-B started slowly in the win over Ellendale

The tournament kicked off with M-P-B taking on Ellendale. The two teams battled through the first two and a half quarters before the Thunder (2-0) pulled away in a third quarter in which they outscored the Cardinals (0-3) 15-6 on their way to a 38-29 win.

At the second-quarter buzzer, the Thunders’ Allison Thomas hit the Cardinals’ Mackenzie Thorpe on a desperation three, at the line Thorpe hit two of the three to make it a 17-13 game at the half.

The Thunder’s slow start in this game could be attributed to a lack of mental preparation, according to head coach Cory Mack.


“I don't think we came ready to play like we should have anyhow,” Mack said. “We’ve only played one game obviously coming into this. I guess there could be a variety of reasons why they weren’t ready mentally. I just don’t think they were prepared.”

In the fourth quarter, the Thunder’s Ryleigh Martin took a ball coast to coast and hit the layup to make the game 35-27 in favor of the Thunder with 3:20 to go in the game.

Martin said that the Thunder were able to come back in this game by tightening their defense.

“We knew what we needed to do at halftime,” Martin said. “We knew that in the first half we didn’t play like we should’ve and we knew we were better than that. So, we picked up our defense, put some pressure on them, and took it from there.”

EHS 29 M-P-B 38

EHS: 11 6 6 6—29

M-P-B: 9 4 15 10—38

Points leaders:


EHS: Kali Norton 10, Mackenzie Thorpe 8, Christena Walker 4, Sierra Bolinger 3, Ariel Hagen 2, Olivia Hagen 2

M-P-B: Ryleigh Martin 17, Lily Bohl 6, Allison Thomas 5, Isabel Schmidt 3, Alaina Bosche 3

Total stats:

EHS: 11 FGs, 5-9 FTs, 16 fouls, 3-pointers: Norton, Bolinger

M-P-B: 14 FGs, 9-20 FTs, 11 fouls, 3-pointer: Schmidt

E/K-M shuts down South Border

After the first game, E/K-M would start a string of one-sided affairs with a 63-27 win over South Border. The two teams were tight early on with the Mustangs’ (2-2) Brylee Fast hitting a layup to make it an 8-5 game in favor of the Rebels (2-0) early in the first quarter. The lead ballooned to double digits as the Rebels locked down, going on a 12-0 run that saw them shut the Mustangs out in the final eight minutes.

Despite his team’s defense struggling in this game, Mustangs head coach Jamie Bittner was not frustrated with his team because of his team’s youth.


“I was not frustrated,” Bittner said. “We’re a young team, so they gave it all they had.”

The Mustangs go to the consolation bracket where they will be facing the Ellendale Cardinals at 3 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 10. The Rebels move on to face the Thunder in the semifinals at 6 p.m. on Dec. 10. Ahead of the game against the Thunder, Rebels head coach Rory Entzi said that he wants his team to put in a more complete effort.

“It’s early. So it’s a lot about talking and telling them what we need to do and I’ve got a good group that really works hard and buys in,” Entzi said. “It’s just once in a while we need to be reminded of that, so this is a long process. It’s early in the year and they don’t really hand out the good stuff now, so we just have to keep working at it and hopefully, it comes.”

SB 27, E/K-M 63

SB: 9 9 8 0—27

E/K-M: 20 11 27 8–63

Points leaders:

SB: Emily Jochim 12, Brylee Fast 6, Macy Monson 4, Cheyanne Lindgren 3, Kya Wiest 2

E/K-M: Mataeya Mathern 22, Kiara Jangula 16, Emily Kinzler 9, Norah Entzi 8, Reagan Teske 6, Rylee Fischer 2

Total Stats:

SBHS: 9 FGs, 7-18 FTs, 9 fouls, 3 pointers: Jochim 2

E/K-M: 28 FGs, 5-10 FTs, 17 fouls, 3 pointers: Jangula

Carrington destroys Warwick

Carrington would have the most dominant win of the night against Warwick. The Cardinals (2-0) led the game from wire to wire beating the Warriors (1-4) 69-8.

With 5:07 to go in the first quarter, the Warriors' Bethany Brown spotted up for a three and splashed it to make the game 7-3 in favor of the Cardinals. The Cardinals' Isabel Wendel stole the ball at half court and dribbled in to hit the layup and go up 18-3 with 40 seconds to go in the 1st quarter.

The Warriors put an end to the drought on a layup by Jayla Alberts to make the game 35-5 with just under three minutes to go. With 5:03 to go in the fourth, the Warriors' Jada Clark hit a three to make the game 63-8.

Warwick’s head coach Kevin Bennefeld spent most of the game explaining to the players on the bench what their teammates were doing wrong and how to fix it, using his skills as a social studies teacher.

“I approach the games and practice as if I’m in my classroom because we’re young and inexperienced,” Bennefeld said. “We don’t have a lot of basketball knowledge, if I start yelling they’re going to lose interest. We have to rebuild our program and we have a lot of young kids. I just need to teach and basketball, yeah it’s great to win, it’s great to have good teams. But, it’s about teaching life skills and that’s my approach to it.”

WHS 8, CHS 69

WHS: 3 2 0 3—8

CHS: 22 16 19 12 —69

Points leaders:

WHS: Jada Clark 3, Bethany Brown 3, Jayla Alberts 2

CHS: Madison Johnson 11, Haley Wolsky 11, Emma Hone 8, Isabel Wendel 8, Sydnie Grager 8, Olivia Threadgold 8, Edyn Hoornaert 6, Kacie Rexin 6, Mya Schroeder 3

Total stats:

WHS: 3 FGs, 0-4 FTs, 3 fouls, 3 pointers: Clark, Brown

CHS: 29 FGs, 2-6 FTs, 4 fouls, 3 pointers: Johnson 2, Wolsky 2, Rexin 2, Wendel 2, Schroeder

N/G-S moves on against Griggs-Midkota

After a dominant first half, N/G-S were challenged against Griggs-Midkota but pushed back every time they got pushed. In the second half, the Titans (1-2) went on a 13-3 run but it was not enough as the Imperials (2-1) were able to hold on for the 55-45 win.

At the first-quarter buzzer, the Imperials' Courtney Thompson nailed a corner three to make the game 17-17. As the Imperials were battling back in this game from an early deficit, Titans head coach Amberly Michaelis used three of her team’s five timeouts.

“(To) try to get them set on the right track right away,” Michaelis said. “If these girls, like what happened, get down that track where they get flustered, it’s hard to get them back. So we needed to take some timeouts to relax them.”

The Titans’ Kaylee Johnson hit a layup with 1:30 to go to bring it back to a 53-45 game.

The Titans move on to the consolation semis where they are facing Warwick at 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 10. The Imperials have booked a spot in the semifinals against Carrington at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 10.

G-M: 45, N/G-S 25

G-M: 17 7 8 13–-45

N/G-S: 17 18 10 10–55

Points leaders:

G-M: Emma Kollman 14, Josie Johnson 10, Jenna Larson 7, Medora Brandner 4, Kaylee Johnson 4, Asia Becherl 4

N/G-S: Teagan Erbele 21, Sophie Ketterling 13, Tayton McDowell 8, Courtney Thompson 7, Ali Gross 4, Allison Zenker 2

Total stats:

G-M: 20 FGs, 2-5 FTs, 11 fouls, 3 pointers: Kollman 3

N/G-S: 23 FGs, 3-10 FTs, 11 fouls, 3 pointers: Ketterling 2, McDowell 2, Thompson, Erbele

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