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Photo finish at JHS pool

Jamestown's Luca Flann swims the backstroke in the 200-yard individual medley event Thursday. John M. Steiner / The Sun

A competitive evening in the pool unfolded Thursday during the Blue Jays' final home boys swimming and diving meet.

Moorhead (Minn.), Jamestown and Fargo South all finished within two points of each other in the team standings. The Spuds from east of the border won the four-time competition with 693 points, while the Blue Jays and the Bruins finished in a tie for second with 691 markers.

"It was a good, fun meet," said Blue Jay coach Ben Smith. "I think all of our teams were pretty eveningly matched, and it was fun to see what strengths each team had."

The coach was again pleased with the effort turned in by Jamestown's relay teams. The Jays' Noah Haglund, Colton Carlson, Luca Flann and Jonas Flann set the pace in the 200-yard medley relay, winning the event with a time of 1 minute, 46.95 seconds.

Carlson, the Flann brothers and Andy Pfeiffer teammed up for a second-place swim of 1:37.07 in the 200 medley relay, while Haglund, Pfeiffer Tyler Bjorgaard and Zack Steinberger touched third in the 400 freestyle relay (3:51.73).

The Blue Jays' Jameson Holgerson led a 3-4-6-7 finish for the Blue Jays on the diving board. Holgerson's 11-dives totaled 317.75.

Carlson won the 100 breastroke with a swim of 1:04.75, edging teammate Jonas Flann by fourth-hundredths.

"Today was definitely a team effort," Smith said. "We scored a lot of points and our relays did a really good job. Same with our divers."

Jamestown will now prepare for the postseason. The West Region meet is scheduled for Feb. 24 in Bismarck.

"Tonight we were able to compete everyone, and now we have the WDA up next," Smith said. "We'll have two weeks to concentrate on our individual events and relays to see what our best combinations will be for state."

Blue Jay Quad Meet

Team results

1. Moorhead (Minn.) 693; 2 (tie). Jamestown 691; Fargo South 691; 4. Wahpeton 40.

Individual winners / Blue Jay results

200 medley relay: 1. JHS (Noah Haglund, Colton Carlson, Luca Flann, Jonas Flann), 1:46.95; 4. JHS (Tyler Bjorgaard, Jacob Anteau, Garret Wright, Cole Rasmusson), 1:58.11.

200 freestyle: 1. Anthony Hollingsworth, FS, 1:53.53; 2. Rasmusson, JHS, 2:00.36; 9. Chandler Rott, JHS, 2:17.57; 11. Kaden Schmidt, JHS, 2:22.25, 15. Justus Kiecker, JHS, 2:37.17.

200 IM: 1. Eric Anderson, W, 2:09.98; 4. L. Flann, JHS, 2:22.23; 8. Zack Steinberger, JHS, 2:30.07; 11. Ben Weinzierl, JHS, 2:36.14; 12. Ben Anteau, JHS, 2:46.00.

50 freestyle: 1. Luke Bergstrom, FS, 23.19; 2. Andy Pfeiffer, JHS, 23.69; 4. J. Anteau, JHS, 25.54; 6. Wright, JHS, 25.76; 15. Jon Listul, JHS, 26.56.

Diving: 1. Connor Johnson, FS, 425.30; 3. Jameson Holgerson, JHS, 317.75; 4. Cameron Winstead, JHS, 314.65; 6. Gage Poland, JHS, 283.00; 7. Jaron Coombs, JHS, 267.25.

100 butterfly: 1. Massimo Sassi, FS, 1:00.57; 2. Carlson, JHS, 1:01.15; 5. Bjorgaard, JHS, 1:05.03; 9. Pfeiffer, JHS, 1:09.85; 11. Weinzierl, JHS, 1:14.83.

100 freestyle: 1. Anderson, W, 49.88; 2. J. Flann, JHS, 51.62; 6. Haglund, JHS, 55.76; 8. L. Flann, JHs, 56.60; 17. Brayden Schmeichel, JHS, 1:16.56.

500 freestyle: 1. Hollingsworth, FS, 5:18.69; 2 Rasmusson, JHS, 5:22.96; 7. Wright, JHS, 6:14.14.

200 freestyle relay: 1. FS (Hollingsworth, Sassi, Bergstrom, Jack Mehus), 1:33.076; 2. JHS (Carlson, Pfeiffer, L. Flann, J. Flann), 1:37.07; 9. JHS (Shaun Kurtz, Nicolas Flores, Braden Hart, Brayden Schmeichel), 2:11.03.

100 backstroke: 1. Sassi, FS, 1:00.50; 4. Bjorgaard, JHS, 1:03.93; 6. J. Anteau, JHS, 1:06.79; 8. Listul, JHS, 1:10.40; 11. B. Anteau, JHS, 1:19.33.

100 breaststroke: 1. Carlson, JHS, 1:04.75; 2. J. Flann, JHS, 1:04.79; 5. Haglund, JHS, 1:13.71; 9. Steinberger, JHS, 1:19.32.

400 freestyle relay: 1. M (Shane Williams, Ian Smith, Zach Anderson, Erik Dougherty), 3:35.88; 3. JHS (Haglund, Pfeiffer, Bjorgaard, Steinberger) 3:51.73; 4. JHS (Weinzierl, J. Anteau, Rasmusson, Listul), 3:55.98.

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