Phoebe Olson and Courtney Peterson shored up a solid performance turned in by the Jamestown High School girls tennis team Saturday, April 13, at the Minot Round Robin.

Olson, playing at No. 1 singles, and Peterson, competing at No. 2 singles, each placed second after winning seven of eight matches played on the day. Jamestown finished fourth of nine teams with 23 total points, just a single marker behind third-place finishing Bismarck Legacy.

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"I'm elated with how we played (Saturday)," said Jamestown coach Paul Olson. "Every one of the girls that went along on this trip picked up one win on the day, and, more importantly, we showed improvement with how we played after the 3-2 matches on Friday."

Jamestown dropped matches to Dickinson (3-2), Bismarck (3-2) and Minot (4-1) Friday to begin the weekend of competition in Minot. On Saturday, the Blue Jays' Mia Wilson won five of eight round-robin matches, while the JHS doubles teams of Olivia Schriock/Cara Wolsky and Annie Johnson/Lauryn Hibl played to marks of 2-6.

"Mia had a great day going 5-3 playing No. 3 singles," Olson said. "She is really growing as a tennis player and did a great job on Saturday."

Phoebe Olson rolled in straight sets (6-0) over Bismarck Century's Riley Lembke and Dickinson's Valeria Bradley. Peterson cruised unblemished three times, with 6-0 victories against Bismarck's Natalie Schuh, Century's Ashley Kinchem and Legacy's Hannah Felt.

"There were a couple of (opposing) girls that were gone because one school had prom (Century) and one girl was fighting an injury bug," coach Olson said. "But to have all the schools there from the WDA and have them finish second in their flight is a big accomplishment."

Jamestown is at Bismarck High on Tuesday.

"They have quite a bit of depth and a lot of players with varsity experience," Olson said of the Demons. "We have to play pretty well on Tuesday to go out and give us a chance to get a win in the dual."

Minot Round Robin

Saturday, April 13

Team results

(1 point for each match win)

1. Mandan 33; 2. Minot 28; 3. Bismarck Legacy 24; 4. Jamestown 23; 5. Dickinson 20; 6. Williston 18; 7. Bismarck 16; 8. Bismarck St. Mary's 13; 9. Bismarck Century 3.

JHS results

No. 1 singles

Phoebe Olson def. Bismarck's Sydney Helgeson 6-3.

Olson def. Century's Riley Lembke 6-0.

Olson def. Dickinson's Valeria Bradley 6-0.

Olson def. Legacy's Abbie McPherson 6-4.

Olson def. Mandan's Elizabeth Felderman 6-2.

Raquel Egge, Minot def. Olson, 6-3.

Olson def. Williston's Ellie Schmit 6-4.

Olson def. St. Mary's Jenna Steigelmeier 7-5.

No. 2 singles

Courtney Peterson def. Bismarck's Natalie Schuh 6-0.

Peterson def. Century's Ashley Kinchem 6-0.

Peterson def. Dickinson's Emma Dazell 7-6(1).

Peterson def. Legacy's Hannah Felt 6-0.

Kenna Vogel, Mandan def. Peterson 6-4.

Peterson def. Minot's Eden Olson 7-5.

Peterson def. Williston's Evelina Tyan 6-1.

Peterson def. St. Mary's Lauren Leidenix 6-1.

No. 3 singles

Mia Wilson def. Bismarck's Ty Hornbacher 6-1.

Wilson def. Century's Shea Theel 6-0.

Malayna Schneider, Dickinson def. Wilson 6-2.

Wilson def. Legacy's Sydney Seamonds 6-2.

Kenzie Ulrich, Mandan def. Wilson 6-2.

Wilson def. Minot's Emma Scheeler 6-4.

Brooklyn Haug, Willison def. Wilson 6-2.

Wilson def. St. Mary's Martine Hammer 6-1.

No. 1 doubles

Morgan Fischer/Delaney Scanson, Bismarck def. Annie Johnson / Lauryn Hibl 6-4.

Johnson/Hibl def. Century's Hailey McEvers/Maya Kubstad 6-3.

Elizabeth Dean/Kiama Baca, Dickinson def. Johnson/Hibl 6-4.

Karissa Albaugh/Alexi Ness, Legacy def. Johnson/Hibl 6-3.

Lizzia Allan/Sophia Felderman, Mandan def. Johnson/Hibl 6-2.

Sofia Egge Joelle Fettig, Minot def. Johnson/Hibl 6-1.

Johnson/Hibl def. Williston's Chesni Strand/Rachel Anfinson 6-4.

Elizabeth Bichler/Lauryn Hoesel, St. Mary's def. Johnson/Hibl 6-4.

No. 2 doubles

Mia Steffes/Megan Richter, Bismarck def. Olivia Schriock/Cara Wolsky 6-2.

Schriock/Wolsky def. Century's Jill McCuske/JC Ciz 6-2.

Hailey Enney/Lola Homiston, Dickinson def. Schriock/Wolsky 6-4.

Sierra Knoll/Camaryn Beasley, Legacy def. Schriock/Wolsky 6-3.

Breanna Helbling/Kate Kesler, Mandan def. Schriock/Wolsky 7-6.

Morgan Wheeler/Sydney Fettig, Minot def. Schriock/Wolsky 6-3.

Bryn Bratcher/Kaleigh Carmichael, Williston def. Schriock/Wolsky 6-1.

Schriock/Wolsky def. St. Mary's Mary Richter/Olivia Anderson 6-2.