Ward wins second straight title

Matt Ward may not be a resident of Jamestown but he seems to be finding a home at Jamestown Country Club. The North Minneapolis native tore through the championship field to claim his second straight title at the 72nd Annual Elks Labor Day Champi...

Matt Ward may not be a resident of Jamestown but he seems to be finding a home at Jamestown Country Club.

The North Minneapolis native tore through the championship field to claim his second straight title at the 72nd Annual Elks Labor Day Championship on Monday at Jamestown Country Club.

"It was good ball-striking all weekend," Ward said. "I was consistent, making a lot of pars."

Ward won the match play-style tournament by defeating A.J. Greff in the championship match 7 and 6 in his second round Monday.

"I managed to grind out a lot of pars and that was the biggest thing," said Ward. "A.J. is a great guy to play with. I've played with him a few times and he's a great guy."


Ward, who also coaches the Minnesota State University-Mankato women's golf team, won his tournament-opening match against Brian Benson (6 and 5) and followed with wins over Brian Duchscherer (8 and 7) and Kurry Delparte (5 and 4) on Sunday.

Ward earned his spot in the championship with a 2 and 1 win over Steve Sedler earlier on Monday.

"That's who I played against last year in the championship," Ward said of Sedler. "He made a pretty good comeback. I was 4 up through 11 and he got it back together. It was a struggle. He gave it a really good push."

Helping on the course was friend Dean Kraft, who caddied for Ward all three days.

"Without him none of this happens," Ward said. "He reads greens. He keeps my mind on the right things, when I get frustrated he gets me right back on track and when it's time to put the pedal to the medal he's the one pushing me. He's just a great coach."

Kraft is also the Jamestown High School boys' and girls' golf coach, so he knows what it takes to be successful at Jamestown Country Club.

"He's the boss," Ward said. "He tells me what to do and I do it."

This was the fifth year Ward has competed in the Elks Labor Day Tournament, and with the opportunity for a three-peat next year, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him in next year's field as well.


"It's a really good time," he said. "It's almost like a reunion every year to see these same 20 or 25 guys who play every year. It's a lot of fun playing with them."

The championship bracket started with a field of 32 players but then whoever lost in the first round dropped into the Elks bracket. Those who lost in the second round of the championship bracket then dropped into the consolation bracket, where Mark Ecklund went on to win after cruising through the consolation field with three straight victories.

Ecklund dropped his match to Trent Cichios -- who went on to lose to Greff in the quarterfinals -- in the second round.

Benson, who was Ward's first victim of the tournament, won the Elks flight after bouncing back from his opening-round loss with four straight wins.

Tom Monson defeated Troy Cichios in the Elks consolation and Dave Schauer beat Carter Van Beek to win the seniors division.

Justin Baker went 3-0 in the tournament to win the first flight, while Tim Wolff posted the same record to win the second flight.

Bill Lipetzky won the third flight and Ryan Greff won the fourth. Steve Dale, Dean Lingstead and Chad Hove won the fifth, sixth and seventh flights, respectively.

72nd Annual Elks Labor Day Championship


At Jamestown Country Club

Championship flight

Matt Ward def. Brian Benson, 6 and 5; Brian Duchscherer def. Scott Torgerson, 2 and 1; Kurry Delparte def. Steve Bennion, 1 up; Brent Geisler def. Roy Holmes, 3 and 2; Steve Sedler def. Tom Monson, 4 and 3; Troy LeFevre def. Tom Kenna, 3 and 1; Chris Nogosek def. Paul Frydenlund, 2 and 1; Randy Westby def. Matt Grenz, 4 and 3; Trent Cichios def. Jessica Monson, 3 and 2; Mike Eclund def. Mike Lipetzky, 7 and 5; Kevin Widmer def. Mike Monson, 6 and 5; Lee Erickson def. Mike Kartsens, 2 and 1; Brian Meyer def. Rick Boschee, 2 and 1; Troy Espeseth def. John Samulson, 2 and 1; A.J. Greff def. Troy Cichios, 1 up; Miles Torgerson def. Len Orr, 2 up; Ward def. Duchscherer, 8 and 7; Delparte def. Giesler, 1 up; Sedler def. LeFevre, 1 up; Westby def. Nogosek, 2 and 1; Trent Cichios def. Eclund, 1 up; Widmer def. Erickson, 4 and 3; Meyer def. Espeseth, 2 up; Greff def. Torgerson, 8 and 6; Ward def. Delparte, 5 and 4; Sedler def. Westby, 2 and 1; Cichios def. Widmer, 3 and 2; Greff def. Meyer, 1 up; Ward def. Sedler, 2 and 1; Greff def. Cichios, 5 and 5.


Ward def. Greff, 7 and 6

Championship flight consolation bracket

Brian Duchscherer def. Brent Giesler, 5 and 4; Troy LeFevre def. Chris Nogosek, 2 and 1; Mark Ecklund def. Lee Erickson, 5 and 3; Troy Espeseth def. Miles Torgerson, 2 and 1; LeFevre def. Duchscherer, 2 up; Ecklund def. Espeseth, 1 up;

Consolation championship


Ecklund def. LeFevre, 4 and 3.

Elks flight

Brian Benson def. Scott Torgerson, 1 up; Roy Holmes def. Steve Bennion, 4 and 3; Tom Kenna def. Tom Monson, 1 up; Matt Grenz def. Paul Frydenlund, 2 up; Mike Lipetzky def. Jessica Monson, 2 and 1; Mike Kartsens def. Mike Monson; John Samulson def. Rick Boschee, 1 up; Len Orr def. Troy Cichios, 4 and 2; Benson def. Holmes, 3 and 2; Kenna def. Grenz; Lipetzky def. Kartsens; Samulson def. Orr, 2 and 1; Benson def. Kenna, 5 and 3; Lipetzky def. Samulson, 5 and 3.


Benson def. Lipetzky, 3 and 2

Elks flight Consolation bracket

Scott Torgerson def. Steve Bennion; Tom Monson def. Paul Frydenlund; Mike Monson def. Jessica Monson; Rick Boschee def. Troy Cichios; Tom Monson def. Tom Monson def. Torgerson, 3 and 2; Cichios def. Mike Monson, 6 and 5.

Consolation Championship


Tom Monson def. Cichios, 10 and 8

Seniors flight

Carter Van Beek def. Kyle Espeseth, 1 up; Kent Espeseth def. Vance Jongeward, 4 and 3; Dave Schauer def. Ron Hemmer, Dennis Adair def. Bill MacKenzie, 1 up; Van Beek def. Kent Espeseth, 1 up, 21 holes; Schauer def. Adair, 2 up; Kyle Espeseth def. Jongeward, 2 and 1; MacKenzie def. Hemmer, 3 and 1.


Schauer def. Van Beek


Kyle Espeseth def. MacKenzie, 4 and 3

First flight


Travis Holum def. Nick Blaskowski, 5 and 4; Justin Baker def. Mike Opdahl, 1 up; Mike Greff def. Chris Herrick, 3 and 2; Ben Monson def. Mike Rene, 1 up; Opdahl def. Blaskowski, 2 and 1; Mike Rene def. Herrick, 3 and 2.


Baker def. Greff, 3 and 2


Opdahl def. Rene, 4 and 3

Second flight

Les Nogosek def. Jon Hanstad, 3 and 2; David Torgerson def. Butch Gronars, 1 up; Noel Johnson def. Mike Stoller, 2 and 1; Tim Wolff def. Tom Hanstad, 1 up; Nogosek def. Torgerson, 3 and 1; Wolff def. Johnson, 2 and 1; Gronars def. Jon Hanstad, 3 and 2; Tom Hanstad def. Stoller, 5 and 4.


Wolff def. Nogosek, 1 up


Gronars def. Tom Hanstad, 4 and 3

Third flight

Jerry Gray def. Wade Pharr, 5 and 4; Bill Lipetzky def. Fran Romsdal, 3 and 1; Dave Barnick def. Doug Mogck, 2 and 1; Lucas Togerson def. Chad Muslinger, 6 and 5; Lipetzky def. Gray, 2 up; Barnick def. Torgerson, 2 and 1; Romsdal def. Pharr, 6 and 5; Magck def. Muslinger, 3 up.


Lipetzky def. Barnick, 3 and 2


Magck def. Romsdal, 10 and 8

Fourth flight

Ryan Greff def. Alden Kollman, 3 and 2; Jenna Wolff def. Brad Nogosek, 5 and 4; John Yatskis def. Ben Kirkeby, 3 and 2; Jason Espeseth def. Paul Monson, 3 and 2; Kollman def. Nogosek, 1 up; Monson def. Kirkeby, 3 and 2.


Greff def. Yatskis


Kollman def. Monson

Fifth flight

Wade Readel def. Gannon Van Gilder, 1 up; Dwight Torgerson def. Duke Jarjon, 4 and 3; Chris Greff def. Steve Dale, 7 and 6; Gordon Prasek def. Jerry Berndt, 4 and 2; Readel def. Torgerson, 4 and 3; Dale def. Prasek, 4 and 2; Greff def. Larson, 2 and 1; Van Gilder def. Berndt, 5 and 4.


Dale def. Readel, 2 and 1


Van Gilder def. Greff, 5 and 4

Sixth flight

Brian Chandler def. Alex Kaiser, 6 and 5; Jeff Douty def. Mark Monson, 4 and 3; Charles Campbell def. Kaiser, 2 and 1; Dean Lindsteadt def. Douty, 1 up.


Lingsteadt def. Campbell


Chandler def. Monson

Seventh flight

Chad Kleinknit def. Ben Tompkins, 3 up; Steve Manley def. Mike Hoggarth, 6 and 5; Steve Schmitz def. Scott Hoggarth, 2 up; Chad Hove def. Mural Pollert, 3 up; Manley def. Kleinknit, 5 and 4; Chad Hove and Schmitz; Tompkins def. Mike Hoggarth; Pollert def. Scott Hoggarth.


Hove def. Manley


Scott Hoggarth def. Tompkins

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