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Team totals

Bismarck 216, Minot 205, Valley City 140, Mandan 133.5, West Fargo 127, Turtle Mountain 123, Dickinson 110, Bismarck Century 104, Bismarck Legacy 83, Fargo Davies 68.5, Bismarck St. Mary's 64.5, Jamestown 59, Williston 50, Devils Lake 43, Grand Forks Central 41, Wahpeton 28.5, Fargo South 25, West Fargo Sheyenne 19.5, Fargo North 19, Grand Forks Red River 15.

106 pounds

Championship: Armstrong, Min., dec. Thomas, South, 5-4.

Third place: Johnsrud, Cent., dec. Fettig, Bis., 1-0.

Fifth place: Renner, Bis., dec. Bohrer, Cent., 8-6.

Seventh place: Kadrmas, Legacy, dec. Gass, GFC, 6-0.

113 pounds

Championship: Barnhardt, SM, dec. Radenz, Cent., 8-1.

Third place: DeBlaere, WFS, dec. Fettig, Bis., 7-0.

Fifth place: Goodman, Min., dec. Brandon, GFC, 3-0.

Seventh place: Anderson, WF, pinned Weigum, Cent. 2:38.

120 pounds

Championship: Bowman, Jam., dec. Hooker, Min., 5-2.

Third place: Berger, Dick., dec. Boese, Bis., 5-3.

Fifth place: Kleinknecht, Man., dec. Schulz, Cent., 7-2.

Seventh place: Blumhagen, Legacy, forfeit, Monatukwa, North.

126 pounds

Championship: Ripplinger, Bis., dec. Steidler, SM, 10-2.

Third place: McKenzie, Will, dec. Johnson, Dick. 3-2.

Fifth place: Larson, VC, pinned Burke, Min., 2:11.

Seventh place: Martin, Legacy, dec. Humble, GFC, 5-2.

132 pounds

Championship: Armstrong, Min., dec. DeBoer, Bis., 5-0.

Third place: Fleck, Man., dec. Bitz, Cent., 4-1.

Fifth place: Honeyman, Bis., dec. Laducer, TM, 7-0.

Seventh place: Hatcher, Jam., forfeit, Haley, Dick.

138 pounds

Championship: Zerr, TM, dec. Harms, WF, 5-4.

Third place: McClaanahan, Min., dec. Irwin, Dick., 5-1.

Fifth place: Berg, Dick., dec. Langer, VC, 5-0.

Seventh place: Schmidt, Bis., dec. Fleck, Cent., 4-2.

145 pounds

Championship: Steidler, Bis., dec. LeNoue, Wahp., 5-2.

Third place: Horswill, Will., dec. Reisenauer, Man., 1-0.

Fifth place: Coleman, Cent., dec. Braun, Jam., 5-1.

Seventh place: Meschke, Dick., dec. Fisk, DL, 4-3.

152 pounds

Championship: Berger, Man., dec. Mairs, Davies, 11-0.

Third place: Mortensen, Min., kpinned Nordby, Dick. 5:43.

Fifth place: Roaldson, Bis., dec. Rader, Cent., 7-1.

Seventh place: Hanson, SM, dec. Vlandre, DL, 8-7.

160 pounds

Championship: Franek, WF, pinned Peterson, VC, 1:34.

Third place: Scheett, Legacy, pinned Teah, Wil., 4:26.

Fifth place: Fleck, Man., dec. Usher, Dick., 7-2.

Seventh place: Demery, TM, Pulkrabek, Man., 4-0.

170 pounds

Championship: Wahl, Bis., dec. Rudolph, Min., 1-0.

Third place: Nsengyumwa, Davies, dec. Undem, VC, 5-3.

Fifth place: Rohrich, GFC, pinned Franchuk, SM, 2:51.

Seventh place: Rance, DL, dec. LaFountain, TM, 3-2.

182 pounds

Championship: Erlandson, VC, pinned LaRocque, TM, :48.

Third place: Peterson, WF, dec. Boehm, Man., 5-3.

Fifth place: Clark, Dick., pinned Haugen, GFRR, 3:43.

Seventh place: Steckler, Bis., pinned Knowski, DL, 1:32.

195 pounds

Championship: Kaylor, Legacy, dec. Tangen, VC, 12-0.

Third place: Wilkie III, TM, dec. Masumbuko, WF, 9-1.

Fifth place: DeCoteau, TM, dec. Vandal, Jam., 5-0.

Seventh place: Serumgard, DL, dec. Visto, WF, 6-0.

220 pounds

Championship: Chase Dockter, Bis., dec. Swartwout, Min., 1-0.

Third place: Boehm, Man., pinned Goulet, TM, 4:22.

Fifth place: Kringlie, WF, pinned Brandner, Legacy, 1:59.

Seventh place: DeMarce, DL, pinned Willenbring, Min., 2:30.

285 pounds

Championship: Andre Baguma, Davies, dec. Huff, Min., 4-3

Third place: Oestern, VC, pinned Roesler, Cent., 3:19.

Fifth place: Hintz, Bis., dec. Brunelle, TM, 3-2.

Seventh place: Steinhauer, WF, dec. Haugen, Man., 6-3.

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