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Team totals

Lisbon 161, New Salem-Almont 121.5, Carrington 111, Hillsboro-Central Valley 103.5, Pembina County North 101, Hettinger-Scranton 94, Des Lacs-Burlington 88.5, South Border 79.5, Velva 76, Watford City 74, Minot Ryan 69, Kindred 68.5, Bowman County 67, Napoleon-GS 64, Rugby 64, Oakes 62, Linton-HMB 50, Central Cass 47, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm 46, Harvey-Wells County 44.5, Killdeer 27, Beulah-Hazen 25, LaMoure-LM 25, Larimore 23, Northern Lights 23, Grafton 20.5, New Town-Parshall 20, Kenmare-Bowbells 18, Williams County 14, Stanley-Powers Lake 6, Mayville-Portland-CG 3, MonDak 2, Standing Rock 1, Alexander 0.

106 pounds

Championship: Schmitz, Kindred, dec. Leshuk, HCV, 9-4.

Third place: Greenley, Lisbon, dec. Mogen, Velva, 7-4.

Fifth place: Norman, Lar., dec. Lura, Carr., 8-3.

Seventh place: Harvey, Ryan, dec. Irwin, NSA, 8-4.

113 pounds

Championship: Gerhardt, NSA, dec. Felchle, HWC, 8-0.

Third place: Ledoux, Ryan, dec. Lura, Carr., 4-0.

Fifth place: Alfson, HCV, pinned Hebl, LLM, 4:38.

Seventh place: Warbis, HS, dec. Schneider, SB, 8-3.

120 pounds

Championship: Wolding, NSA, dec. Madrigal, BC, 7-2.

Third place: Thompson, Graf., pinned Martinez, 4:58.

Fifth place: Jacob, LHMB, dec. Wonser, WCo., 9-0.

Seventh place: Hoggarth, Carr., pinned Jensen, Rugby, 2:38.

126 pounds

Championship: Burwick, HS, dec. Zachmeier, Rugby, 6-1.

Third place: Nagle, LHMB, dec. Gumke, WC, 10-2.

Fifth place: Burgard, Oakes, dec. Volk, CC, 5-0.

Seventh place: Martian, BCB, pinned Roesler, Kindred, 1:32.

132 pounds

Championship: Schalesky, HS, dec. Dittus, NSA, 6-2.

Third place: Broadwell, Carr., dec. Awender, Oakes, 2-1.

Fifth place: Vangorkom, SB, pinned Harris, Ryan, 4:36.

Seventh place: Shannon, WC, dec. Lunday, NL, 4-2.

138 pounds

Championship:Urlaub, PCN, dec. Irwin, NSA, 6-5.

Third place: Bredahl, DLB, dec. Schwab, Lisbon, 7-4.

Fifth place: Berg, Rugby, pinned Ogren, Kindred, 2:08.

Seventh place: Wendel, LLM, dec. Holzer, LHMB, 3-1.

145 pounds

Championship: Sours, Lisbon, dec. Herr, SB, 5-2.

Third place: Butcher, Kindred, dec. Winkler, DLB, 7-4.

Fifth place: Tabor, Kil., pinned Hendrickson, Carr., 4:56.

Seventh place: Rudolph, SPL, dec. Garcia, WC, 16-2.

152 pounds

Championship: Janugla, NGS, dec. Thomas, Velva, 8-3.

Third place: Schall, Oakes, dec. Gross, CC, 3-2.

Fifth place: Baruska, DLB, dec. Hoggarth, Carr., 4-3.

Seventh place: Jochim, SB, pinned Howard, Lisbon, 4:33.

160 pounds

Championship: Weigel, NGS, dec. Miller, DLB, 3-2

Third place: Mattern, BCH, pinned Sell, Oakes, 2:37.

Fifth place: Erickson, BH, pinned Sott, PCN, 4:13.

Seventh place: Caruth, EEK, dec. Skager, HCV, 10-5.

170 pounds

Championship: Hastings, HCV, dec. Spooner, DLB, 11-3.

Third place: Selzler, Velva, pinned Mathern, EEK, 3:49.

Fifth place: Anderson, HS, dec. Huus, NSA, 5-0.

Seventh place: Schwab, Lisbon, dec. Grunefelder, NGS, 7-5.

182 pounds

Championship: Wolsky, Carr., dec. Urlaub, PCN, 12-6.

Third place: Okeson, Ryan, pinned Reinke, Lisbon, 2:21.

Fifth place: Renfrow, Lar., dec. Thielges, LLM, 4-2.

Seventh place: Ellingson, EEK, dec. Charette, NL, 5-1.

195 pounds

Championship: Dennis, WC, dec. Brown, PCN, 10-4.

Third place: Nitschke, EEK, dec. Schmidt, LHMB, 12-2.

Fifth place: Reiger, Lisbon, dec. Palluck, Kindred, 8-4.

Seventh place: Buskness, Carr., dec. Jeffers, BCB, 6-4.

220 pounds

Championship: Urbach, Lisbon, pinned Connelly, HCV, 1:54.

Third place: Flynn, NTP, dec. Lawson, HWC, 9-1.

Fifth place: Baumann, KB, pinned Soli, PCN, 1:14.

Seventh place: Sago, BH, pinned Greenmyer, Oakes, 1:53.

285 pounds

Championship: Schneibel, Rugby, dec. Molter, SB, 5-0.

Third place: Shearer, Lisbon, pinned Faller, WC, 3:34.

Fifth place: Merrigan, CC, dec. Defender, NL, 4-3.

Seventh place: Blumhagen, Velva, dec. Hall, Kil., 1-0.

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