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Blue Jay wrestling finishes second at Gadberry Invite

Jamestown High School boys wrestling was 1.5 points shy of Grand Forks Central (186) from taking home the Gadberry Invitational title Saturday afternoon at Moorhead High School (Minn.).

The Blue Jays' winners include: Joel Bowman (113 pounds), Talor Huebner (120), Ethan Bowman (132), Aaron Mack (182) and Samuel Krebs (195). Jamestown's Noah Braun (152) and Paul Vandal (220) fell in their respective first-place matches.

Jamestown heads to the Metro Duals Tournament at Fargo Davies High School on Jan. 18-19.

Gadberry Invitational

Team results

1. Grand Forks Central 186; 2. Jamestown 184.5; 3. Fargo Davies 172.5; 4. Moorhead (Minn.) 158.5; 5. Fargo South 100; 6. Fargo North 91; 7. Grand Forks Red River 8.

Blue Jay results

Pete Rasmussen (106): Quarterfinal - Rasmussen pinned Lee Ellingsberg (Moorhead, Minn.), 1:22; Semifinal - Ashise Gurung (Fargo South) pinned Rasmussen, 3:32; Cons. Semi - Rasmussen received a bye; 3rd Place Match - Rasmussen dec. over Griffin Quade (Moorhead, Minn.), 5-0.

Joel Bowman (113): Quarterfinal - Bowman received a bye; Semifinal - Bowman pinned Cyncere Haskins (Grand Forks Central), 0:55; 1st Place Match - Bowman dec. over Tyson Gass (Grand Forks Central), 6-0.

Talor Huebner (120): Quarterfinal - Huebner received a bye; Semifinal - Huebner maj. dec. over Ian Mohler (Moorhead, Minn.), 17-7; 1st Place Match - Huebner dec. over Braydon Williams (Grand Forks Central), 9-4.

Ethan Bowman (132): Quarterfinal - Bowman pinned Carter Elde (Grand Forks Central), 3:13; Semifinal - Bowman tech fall over Hunter Barth (Fargo Davies), 3:35; 1st Place Match - Bowman won by injury default over Blake Fraase (Fargo South).

Noah Braun (152): Quarterfinal - Braun received a bye; Semifinal - Braun dec. over Victor Larson (Moorhead, Minn.), 4-2; 1st Place Match - Brody Mohr (Fargo Davies) dec. over Braun, 4-2.

Eli Horsted (160): Quarterfinal - Moctar Diop (Fargo Davies) pinned Horsted, 3:16; Cons. Round 1 - Horsted received a bye; Cons. Semi - Hayden Netland (Moorhead, Minn.) pinned Horsted, 2:05; 5th Place Match - Horsted received a bye.

Coty Huebner (170): Quarterfinal - Huebner received a bye; Semifinal - Riley Schock (Moorhead, Minn.) pinned Huebner, 1:25; Cons. Semi - Mohamed Avdil (Moorhead, Minn.) pinned Huebner, 3:23; 5th Place Match - Huebner received a bye.

Aaron Mack (182): Quarterfinal - Mack received a bye; Semifinal - Mack pinned Kyler Nicklay (Fargo Davies), 1:43; 1st Place Match - Mack pinned Ethan Jerome (Moorhead, Minn.), 2:51.

Samuel Krebs (195): Quarterfinal - Krebs received a bye; Semifinal - Krebs pinned Austin Bicker (Grand Forks Central), 0:30; 1st Place Match - Krebs pinned Junior Surpris (Fargo North), 4:35.

Paul Vandal (220): Quarterfinal - Vandal pinned Joseph Casanova (Fargo North), 1:37; Semifinal - Vandal dec. over Truman Werremeyer (Fargo Davies), 6-4; 1st Place Match - Grant Sullivan (Grand Forks Central) pinned Vandal, 1:19.

Braidy Otterson (285): Quarterfinal - Otterson received a bye; Semifinal - Braden Jongeward (Fargo North) pinned Otterson, 3:32; Cons. Semi - Otterson received a bye; 3rd Place Match - Otterson dec. over Beau Peterson (Grand Forks Central), 3-2).