University of Jamestown women's wrestling won the 2019 Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference championship Saturday, Feb. 23, at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Mo. The Jimmies scored 144 points, while nearly doubling up second-place Missouri Valley (73).

Jamestown won six of 10 weight classes, led by Junnette Caldera's win at 106 pounds. Caldera was named KCAC outstanding wrestler of the year.

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Chelsea Dionisio (116), Cara Romeike (130), Joy Muniz (143), Alyssa Schrull (170) and Agatha Andrews (191) also earned first-place finishes. Arianna Marrufo (130), Analy Gonsalez (136), Andrea Prince (143) and Myranda Velaquez (155) all placed second. Bismarck native Sierra Talmadge (155) placed third and Remy Vargas (170) placed fifth.

Jamestown coach Shauna Kemp was named KCAC coach of the year.

The Jimmies host the NAIA national invitational March 15-16 at Harold Newman Arena.

KCAC Women's Wrestling Championships

Team results

1. University of Jamestown 144; 2. Missouri Valley College 73, 3. York College 49; 4. Ottawa University 25; 5. University of Saint Mary 16.5; 6. Midland University 4.

Jimmie results

Junnette Caldera (101): Semifinals - Caldera tech fall over Kylie Marlin (York College), 10-0; 1st Place - Caldera pinned Shyanne Griffiths (University of Saint Mary), 0:19.

Chelsea Dionisio (116): Quarterfinal - Dionisio dec. over Gabrielle Grimes (Missouri Valley College), 2-2; Semifinal - Dionisio pinned Hilda Garcia (Missouri Valley College), 2:15; 1st Place - Dionisio tech fall over Emily Fergeson (York College), 14-4.

Cara Romeike (130): Quarterfinal - Romeike received a bye; Semifinal - Romeike tech fall over Teya Villalpando (University of Saint Mary), 10-0; 1st Place - Romeike tech fall over Arianna Marrufo (University of Jamestown), 10-0.

Arianna Marrufo (130): Quarterfinal - Marrufo received a bye; Semifinal - Marrufo dec. over Jocelyn Murphy (Missouri Valley College), 7-4; 1st Place Match - Cara Romeike (University of Jamestown) tech fall over Marrufo, 10-0.

Analy Gonzalez (136): Quarterfinal - Gonzalez dec. over Lacey Henderson (Ottawa University), 13-12; Semifinal - Julia Mata (Missouri Valley College) tech fall over Gonzalez, 13-0; 1st Place - Gonzalez tech fall over Rosa Vallejo (York College), 10-0.

Andrea Prince (143): Round 1 - Prince pinned Lori-Ann Archuleta (Missouri Valley College), 5:57; Round 2 - Joy Muniz (University of Jamestown) tech fall over Prince, 10-0; Round 3 - Prince pinned Katie Bell (York College), 1:38.

Joy Muniz (143): Quarterfinals - Muniz pinned Katie Bell (York College), 1:14; Semifinals - Muniz tech fall over Prince (University of Jamestown), 10-0; 1st Place - Muniz tech fall over Lori-Ann Archuleta (Missouri Valley College), 10-0.

Myranda Velasquez (155): Quarterfinal - Valasquez tech fall over Sierra Talmadge (University of Jamestown), 10-0; Semifinal - Valasquez tech fall over Randie Scoon (Ottawa University), 10-0; 1st Place - Shamera McTier (Missouri Valley College) tech fall over Valasquez, 10-0.

Sierra Talmadge (155): Quarterfinal - Myranda Valasquez (University of Jamestown) tech fall over Talmadge, 10-0; Semifinal - Shamera McTier (Missouri Valley College) tech fall over Talmadge, 10-0; 3rd Place - Talmadge pinned Randie Scoon (Ottawa University), 1:06.

Alyssa Schrull (170): Quarterfinal - Schrull received a bye; Semifinal - Schrull dec. over Yuneris Taveras (Missouri Valley College), 6-2; 1st Place - Schrull pinned Marissa Patterson (York College), 1:30.

Remy Vargas (170): Quarterfinal - Marissa Patterson (York College) pinned Vargas, 3:20; Cons. Round 1 - Vargas received a bye; Cons. Semi - Yuneris Taveras (Missouri Valley College) dec. over Vargas, 13-4; 5th Place - Vargas dec. over Jythssel Mascorro (Ottawa University), 4-2.

Agatha Andrews (191): Semifinal - Andrews pinned Rosalba Orozco (Midland University), 0:18; 1st Place - Andrews pinned Maranda Dornan (Ottawa University), 0:53.