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Tony Bender


Tony Bender writes an exclusive weekly column from North Dakota for Forum News Service.

"Lacking substance, the “politics” argument, is all Trump has. Grievance. Victimhood. Misdirection. More Big Lies. More whining. That'll play to the gullible, but no serious politician celebrates this — no, not even Democrats. They, along with two-thirds of the GOP, are exhausted by Trump."
"After a flaccid midterm performance, Republicans desperately need my expert advice. I'm serious. I'm also wearing a dress. Don't worry, it's for a good cause."
Tony Bender's column deadline was Monday, the day before elections. So here are his best guesses on the current state of the country.
Don’t worry, if you don’t like the results, just storm the column like a real American.
"Vote. I challenge you to forget about parties. Vote for the Constitution and its supporters. Let's become who we believe ourselves to be. For old-time's sake."
"I mean, recreational marijuana could upset the social construct of our state, and frankly, aren't things weird enough?" Tony Bender asks. "The space-time continuum could be forever altered. People wearing bellbottoms. Kids listening to jazz. Kuchen shortages. Jerry Garcia on Mount Rushmore. (That's still in North Dakota, right?)"
"Theoretically, term limits would open the door to more Democrats being elected, so pragmatically, I suppose progressives should support it," Bender writes. "Voters will probably approve term limits with good intentions and disastrous consequences."
A book by former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman reveals that Attorney General Drew Wrigley, North Dakota's U.S. attorney at the time, proposed strategies to “Stop the Steal” that went to Sen. Kevin Cramer and from there straight to the White House.
"41-year-old Shannon Brandt confessed to running down 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson after a street dance earlier this month. Was it really the case of a blood-thirsty Leftist fueled by Joe Biden's recent anti-MAGA rhetoric? Too soon to tell, but not too soon to exploit the tragedy for political advantage."
"Why wouldn't Republicans buried in student loan debt appreciate a break, too? Principle, you say? The same principle under which Trump's biggest ever, believe me, tax break delivered $25 billion to the Top 1% in 2018 alone, another $12 billion to the Top 10%, leaving $6 billion to be divvied among us peons? I bought socks."