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Election 2022 headlines
A lot of people are watching these Republican primaries. North Dakota's government is dominated by Republicans, and there is a pitched battle going on right now for the soul of the NDGOP. These legislative races are the trenches in that battle. So far, based on one of the few objective data points we have, it appears the traditional conservatives are positioned to keep their hold on the party.

Five candidates for governor sought the party endorsement at the GOP state convention in Rochester. By the ninth round of voting, Jensen, a family practice physician and former state senator skeptical of COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates, bested former congressional candidate Kendall Qualls.
The Jamestown school board election will be decided in June.


Republican state Senate candidate Ryan Eckroth accuses journalists of not telling the full story of his financial struggles after refusing to answer their questions.
In a battleground legislative district, home to one of the biggest divides in the NDGOP's fracture, a local political party has been advertising corporate sponsorship of an event, though local party officials claim the event isn't political.
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The Stutsman County Commission seats of Steve Cichos, Ramone Gumke and Denny Ova will be on the primary election ballot.
Not only do the term-limits campaigners think North Dakota voters are too stupid to be in charge of their own decision to re-elect incumbents (the whole point of their ballot measure is to limit that choice), but they think we can be bamboozled into ignoring their unethical petitioning processes too.
"Each petition that has been submitted over my 29 years in office has received the same careful review of each signature," Jaeger said in a letter dated Thursday, May 12. "...The claims made in your letter do not change my decision that the petitions are still considered to be insufficient as to the number of signatures required for placement on the November General Election ballot."
Ryan Eckroth, a candidate for the state Senate in District 35, refused to answer questions when reached for comment.
The Jamestown City Council election will be decided in June.
Trump and his movement should be an albatross around the necks of Republican candidates. They tried to overthrow a national election! Most Republican members of Congress were either complicit in aiding Trump toward that end, or at the very least unwilling to be all that critical of Trump and his machinations publicly. Yet Democrats are on track to lose control of Congress.
In a Sunday evening rally, Trump appeared to confuse two of the candidates' names, telling the crowd that he backed "J.D. Mandel" to take the seat of retiring Senator Rob Portman.
A Republican House would be enough to derail most legislation President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats want to enact, as well as likely spurring a wave of new congressional probes of the administration.