Tu-Uyen Tran

FARGO - A constitutional amendment that could either combat corruption in North Dakota politics or make it much harder to be politically engaged, depending on which side you believe, went before voters Tuesday, Nov. 6.
FARGO -- Workers are expected to begin tearing down the old City Hall Monday, Nov. 5, with total removal expected by Thanksgiving, according to the city spokesman Gregg Schildberger.
FARGO -- Dina Butcher and Ellen Chaffee have a list they hand out when people ask why Measure 1, their anti-corruption constitutional amendment, is needed in a state where few if any politicians have been convicted of bribery.
FARGO -- When the North Dakota Legislature is in session, lobbyists and groups they represent frequently hold afterhours events where lawmakers eat free nearly every weeknight.
FARGO -- Workers digging the foundation for downtown Fargo's Block 9 high-rise pulled what appeared to be an enormous rock out of the ground earlier this week.
FARGO -- With little opposition from bicyclists, higher bicycle fines look like they'll be cruising to the finish line when city commissioners cast their final votes at their 5 p.m. meeting Monday, Oct. 8.
FARGO -- A phone number found in 20-year-old Gabriel Perez's bedroom by his uncle was what led police to his alleged killer, according to court records.
FARGO -- The economic growth the U.S. now enjoys could end if voters don't elect supporters of President Donald Trump's agenda in the upcoming midterm election, his son warned at an oil industry event here Tuesday, Sept. 25.
FARGO -- Roses, rosaries and candles surrounded a framed picture of Gabriel Perez outside the McDonald's on Main Avenue Monday, Sept. 24. "R.I.P. Gabe" was printed on one of the candles. The 20-year-old Fargo man was shot early Sunday while sitti...
FARGO -- Police officers and firefighters went looking for a suicide victim in a south-side Fargo apartment Friday morning, Sept. 21, and found the victim already covered by a white sheet, according to Cass County District Court documents.