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WeatherTalk: Can you imagine a summer in Phoenix?

Already this summer the temperature has reached 100 degrees or higher ten times.

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Many people from our region spend their winter vacations in the Phoenix/Mesa area, taking advantage of Arizona’s warm and sunny climate. Once reaching retirement or semi-retirement, many locals choose to spend their entire winters there. However, not as many locals spend much time in Phoenix in summer. Phoenix in summer is an acquired taste. Already this year, the temperature has reached 100 degrees or higher ten times, and the summer has hardly started.

The average high in Phoenix is 90 degrees or higher from early May through early October. The average high is 100 degrees or higher from mid-June through late August. The average low temperature is 70 degrees or higher from mid-June through mid-September. The temperature will often reach above 110 for days at a time. The all-time record high is 122 degrees set on June 26, 1990. Although Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert, the region is prone to intrusions of uncomfortable humidity during July and August.

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